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Sweetness In Your Ears | Vancouver Sleep Clinic w/ Flaws + 2 more

Saturday, July 19th, 2014


Have an evening shower with Vancouver Sleep Clinic.  Download the EP from iTunes and turn out the lights and have a long shower and just listen.  So good!  If you have someone to invite into the shower… even better!  Just stand and hug them and listen quietly.  Put the plug in and when it fills up you can sit down and have a bath together.

Here is a little bonus with a sweet cover of Drake by VSC

One more below…  they have kind of a Matt Corby & Bon Iver feel.  They are from the land of Down Under.  They are blown away by the response they have had.  They are like 18 years old and just put some songs on iTunes and it kind of blown up.  Now they are going to travel a bit and tour worldwide.  I think they are touring right now in AUS and opening.  I’ve used them in the “lost in transition” mixtapes.


Polica | I like them + I don’t care if you do

Monday, October 7th, 2013


I get it… I’m whacked. I enjoy Polica since they bring me peace and a smile to my face. I do understand that anyone I know does not like them and I’m cool with that. I don’t wish anyone else to like them.

I do.

They grew on me. I love the lead singer.

I hardly know or understand any words out of her mouth.

I don’t care. I like the “chillout” sound they bring. The double drummers blow my mind.


Oct 22nd they are coming out with a new album.  This song “Warrior Lord” is on it.  I’m just about to hit “play” for the 3rd time on YouTube to listen to it again as I work and type in other tabs on the browser. 

They are coming Nov 1st to Toronto.  I think I’m going alone.  I’m cool with that.