I can’t believe it.  What??  Sixteen!!!

I remember every picture I have taken of her.  I can close my eyes and hear her smile.

Her laugh.  Her spirit.

She is giving and kind.

I’m honestly at a loss for words.  I can type and type about her.

I love her so much and I miss her like crazy.

She is a beautiful woman in so many ways.

Happy Birthday!


She is always my little Boo and will always share a half of my heart… no matter how old she becomes…




I love her so much!  I can’t believe she was so small and she has grown into such a sweet and beautiful little woman

Best Of 001

Best Of 033





She is my little nut.  She is my mini-me.  I love looking at old pictures and video and watching her get older.  I love her vibrance, dedication, drive, goals, values, kindness and how she views the world and treats the people around her.

I miss her.

I love her.

Happy Birthday to a sweet little woman who I adore.


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Higher Love | My Daughter Over 13 Years |

tumblr_n70gpa7Hey1qf3lleo1_500I can’t wait to see my Daughter in a couple of hours… so I went through every folder I have on the laptop and took out a selection of images over the past 13 years.



You have no idea of how many images that made me think back and smile.  She is unique.  She reminds me of me and it’s neat to see her in in the video clips I have in my laptop and view the pictures.  I have so many printed photos of her since she grew up in a “film” world.  I also have some videos that I can’t wait to watch on my other computer.

I’m gathering my thoughts and would like to make a unique video for her using video of her as a baby and the video that I have throughout her life.

Happy Birthday Chantal!  I can’t wait to see you in a couple of hours!

In life you have to work through challenges and keep moving forward.  I will always be here for you.

Now, forever and beyond…