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Sunday, November 1st, 2015

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My goodness.  A year has gone by since K-Land got me a “Before I Die” book last November.  Candy Chang first started the project in New Orleans.  Last year… I contacted the Town Of Ajax Library about putting up a wall.  I could not get anywhere with them.  It’s time to get a wall up.  Maybe if I even start a small one with one piece of plywood to start.  It can be in Peterborough or Ajax.

I will keep my eyes open for somewhere in the community that a wall could be added.  Inside a cafe or a public space.  I’ve added it to my 101 list.

I emailed the Town Of Ajax tonight to try and start a talk between us about a wall that could be in Ajax at the Library and could also be portable and be moved to Town Of Ajax events at the waterfront.

Update:  I need to follow up with the Town of Ajax.  I’ve also been in discussion with the building manager where I work to do this project.  I also need to look more around Peterborough for options.

Candy Chang | Before I Die Wall

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

1-beforeidieI received a book from K-Land called “Before I Die” by Candy Chang… which I went through in two days.  Such a great book and such a great project.  After the first day of reading… I wanted to see a wall in Ajax.  I thought of the the Ajax Main Library would be a great place to start since the demographics that use that library due to it’s location + size would be perfect mix of the young to the elder members of the community.   I tweeted out to the Town and the Library and they responded.

I sent them a proposal of having a free-standing wall that could be taken apart and moved to Rotary Park in the Summer and be outside and in the winter it could be moved inside the Library.

We will see what happens and the Town’s response.  I told them that I’m sure I could find people to help me to build it and even donate a couple bucks to by some wood and chalkboard paint.

If you have 6 minutes… please watch the video from TED TALKS from Candy that explains how she started it and where it has grown to after she put up one wall in her community.

You can visit the Before I Die website here.

With regards to the book… I thought it would be great to keep it moving forward.  I created some instructions at the front of the book that makes each person who’s hands it falls in have to write their first name, city and their “before i die” statement inside the book… so each person who reads this can also read who’s hands it has passed and those person’s individual statements.  Hopefully the book travels far and touches many people and I hope they start the same type of project where they live.

K-Land | West Coast Coffee + Life Lova

Thursday, November 14th, 2013


Big Up’s to k-land for sending me a cool book “Before I Die” by Candy Chang.  I have noticed on tumblr some posts about blackboard paint with people walking by walls and writing in what they want to do before they Die.  k-land is a super cool guy who connected with me on Tumblr and I’m glad he did.  We have skyped a bit (not enough) and I’m looking forward to connecting with him more and more.

One day… we will have lunch together.  I know this.  Thanks for the book…  you blow me away.