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#74 Completed | Buy Flowers for someone   Note:  No Blog Post.  Random Act of Kindness to someone from Anonymous sender to brighten their day.



One of my things to do was to get flowers for someone just to brighten their day.  I went to a local flower shop and got some flowers to be delivered to someone that hopefully brighten their day.  That’s all it was.  All I knew is they were delivered and that was the end of it.  No idea how they responded.  It had a little note to wish them a great day.

It really was just flowers to someone that I didn’t know.  Update:  I actually bumped into this person and I told them about it.  We laughed since it made her day and she was wondering where they came from.  She said she had a pretty bad week and it brightened up her day.  It was fun to do.  

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