Completed: #59 of 101 | Start A Podcast

With our hiking adventure project to hike the full length of the Pacific Crest Trail and our urge to document the process of the planning and also while we do the long 5-6 month thru-hike, we thought it would be fun to launch a podcast. We could talk in some episodes leading up to the hike with the planning, thoughts, and fears leading up to it. While on it we can use it as a platform to check in with family and friends on how we are doing as we talk about the steps of where we came from and what’s up ahead on the trail. After purchasing a domain and setting up some basic social media tools we signed up to the App that is free and super easy to use.

We decided to call it “A Long Walk North” since we would be hiking from the border of Mexico up to the border of Canada. The Anchor App is great for recording and building segments, transitions, and adding background music. We are also using Audacity with more detailed editing of it when we get into episodes. We created two trailers for it. Using Anchor, we pushed it to the Spotify platform and our podcast is on Apple Podcasts. People listening on Anchor can use a voicemail/message feature and leave us messages with feedback or they can ask us questions.

Click here to view the podcast on Anchor.Fm

The two trailers are a “play” against the other person. Does he/she really know? It’s fun to poke fun at each other.

Click here to open the podcast and listen to the two trailers we created.

Making the podcast will be fun. We have started brainstorming about thinking about possible episode topics we can cover. Now the trailers are completed… we are working in Evernote to write out the show notes with a little 15 min welcome to the podcast episode to introduce ourselves. We would love it if you followed along where you enjoy listening to your podcasts.

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