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The Pacific Coast Trail Map

The Pacific Crest Trail spans 2,650 miles (4,265 kilometers) from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon, and Washington. It is a National Scenic Trail. It reveals the beauty of the desert, unfolds the glaciated expanses of the Sierra Nevada, travels deep forests, and provides commanding vistas of volcanic peaks in the Cascade Range. The trail symbolizes everything there is to love—and protect—in the Western United States.

Pacific Crest Trail | A Walk Across The United States from Serge Pikhotskiy on Vimeo.

The starting point when traveling northbound is located at the USA/Mexico boarder near Campo, Californina. The finish line is located on the USA/Canadian boarder at Monument 78. If you measure the distance between Campo and Canada in a straight line it would measure around 1,000 miles.

The average time it takes to tackle the PCT is roughly 4.5 – 5.5 months. Most hikers average about 20 – 30 miles per day so they can finish before winter sets in near the Canadian boarder. Usually people going northbound will leave near the end of April so when they hit the high Sierra Mountain section the snow is melting and they finish it before the snow returns.

You need to bring a Bear cannister and use it after Kennedy Meadows as you hit the Sierra Mountains and into Yosemitie National Park.

The PCT covers 24 National Forrrests, 37 Wilderness Areas, and 7 National Parks. The trail climbs nearly 60 mountain passes and decends into 19 major canyons. It moves past roughly 1000 lakes.

Fewer people have hiked the PCT than climbed Mt. Everest. The highest point along the PCT is Forrester’s Pass at 13,200ft or 4000m. It has a total elevation change of 421,000ft.

Untold thousands of hikers and equestrians enjoy this international treasure each year. Some only travel a few miles, while others complete every mile in a single season. Tying the trail together is a community of volunteers and passionate outdoor enthusiasts. Together, we explore, create and support one of the best experiences on Earth.

Watch her Vlog below…

Above is a young woman’s hike and documenting her journey in 2019. She covered the hike in 137 days. My goals are to watch this series with Chantal and see what she thinks about the hike. Her playlist of the hike is here. I think a good goal is to do this in three years’ time. We will also watch the other docs that cover this trail. She needs to know that this hike is extremely difficult and it’s not all Instagram posts every hour. It’s incredibly challenging mentally and physically challenging and it would be a crazy struggle for both of us to finish this trek without injury that forces us both to quit.

Update: March 31, 2020 – Chantal and myself finished watching the nine-chapter vlog. Elina aka Tip Tap shown above on the summit of Mt. Whitney. Chantal is in. She wants to do it. “My friends won’t understand when I tell them that I’m going for a walk with my Dad for four months”, she said. If I could pick her trail-name now it would be “Cheese-Eater”. She wants to watch another series with me and I picked out another woman doing the PCT that we will start watching virtually online.

Update: April 12th, 2020 – Chantal and myself are watching Mari Johnson and her man’s vlog of them walking the PCT. Tonight we wrapped up episode 15 and they are just entering the mountains into the snowy Sierra Mountains. You can catch her vlog here. We want to launch a website about the trip and we will make YouTube Vlogs on the planning and the trip and also produce a podcast on the trail of the trip as we go. I’ve also started doing our trail notes in Evernote and working on the first 40km of 4,200 lol

Update: April 22nd, 2020 – Created a website after buying a domain and just adding structure and content to it. Securing different social media accounts with our branding. Created the shell of the podcast and now working on a trailer for it. Chantal is in school so we are watching our hiking vlogs usually at around 11:30 pm a couple of times a week.

Chantal is still in. Says she can do it. After Mari’s vlog we will watch Darwin’s PCT hike next. When we watch them we write down where they stay and what they eat in town so we have something to look forward to. 😉

What about Noah? Two years after doing this… it will be time to do something like this with Noah since he will be finished High School. After 13 days of walking through the desert, he will ask when are we going to get to Canada. Plus they don’t sell extension cords for his Xbox longer than 50 ft.

More information on the project:

Click here to check out our website (tablet or laptop view is much better than phone)

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