The Trip | Off To Visit The Amalfi Coast in Italy

After taking a train from Naples to Salerno, Italy which was a high speed 32min ride… I took some money out of the bank machine from the national bank since that gives you a fair rate… it was off to find the Sita Bus for 2 euros that would take me along the coast to Atraini where I was staying three nights at a Hostel for about 50CAD per night.  Above and the two collages below is Atrani and the little village where I stayed and enjoyed breakfast each morning.   After Easter the waves of tourists come and the beaches are lined with little umbrellas.  It was pretty quiet at this time of the year and the weather was pleasant.  I didn’t bring a jacket on the trip and just used my reversible Tommy Bahamas sweater.  Kinda neat to have one sweater in two colours 😉

Walking along the side of the road as cars zip past you was interesting since the roads are so narrow.  Walking to the town of Amalfi from Atrani is under 10min but you find yourself stopping and looking at the water and the hills rolling along the coastline.  Amalfi is where you would take another Sita Bus to Positano and the small towns along the way for 2.40 euro’s.  I loved the bus rides as you look at all the little houses and hotels stuck on the side of cliffs wondering if they ever will fall down and into the sea.  I’m sure they have been there for about a 100 years and will continue to do so for another 100.

As soon as you get off the bus you are just looking at all the little houses sitting on top of each other in the distance and everyone is snapping photos on their phone.  3 minutes getting off the bus I see some tables across the street from a little bar/restaurant.  Why not sit and have a coffee and get something to nibble on and shoot some time-lapses and just listen to the “quiet” of waves and birds in the background playing in the wind as they float over the beach in the last rays of sunshine for the day.  The sun will be setting soon.

I didn’t venture down to the beach.  I will save that for tomorrow.  When I walked into Amalfi the bus was going to leave and there was spots along the water side… so I thought I would sneak into Positano a day early.  So I walked around the top part and took the bus back to then really visit the town of Amalfi.

When I ventured back to Positano… I had to find my way down to the beach and just walked anything going down.  Every 40 feet you stop to look at the houses on the cliffside and there are lots of little shops to venture in and look.  At the bottom along the water there are more shops and seaside patios to busy restaurants.  I can’t imagine the amount of people there would be in the summer.

Town of Amalfi at night below.  Always people around and it was nice to wander around and snack on little things before walking back to Atrani along the road between the two towns.

Checked out of my Hostel and took a early Sita bus back to Salerno where I would take a hour train to Naples to fly out.  Since there is one flight at 11am from Naples to Frankfurt… I was scared and I decided to use NAP to Munich at 1pm and then the small 1 hour flight MUC FRA.  We have 3 flights a day from NAP to Munich so there was another plane at 5ish as a backup.  When I was at the conference I purchased tickets to fly to Italy and back to Frankfurt for next to nothing on my discount which is sweet.

Flight to Frankfurt to Munich had a curved wing that you just stare at as you float in the air.  I was sitting alone in the back with the flight attendants.  Nobody sitting with me or on the other side which was nice.  One flight attendant was so sweet.  I kept looking at her.  I stayed and talked to her after we landed and she told me she went to Halifax to look for houses to retire.  Small world to think why would someone from Germany who goes everywhere think of Halifax.  When we landed there was a plane with retro livery which was sweet.  After getting off the plane it was a quick 3 stops on the train to the main train station downtown to check into my Hostel that is such a great place for crashing.  I would fly out the next day with LH.  (but I didn’t… since my space on LH was removed somehow and I was booked on Air Canada at 5pm so I had the next day to take in Frankfurt a little more.

Love maps where people put where they came from.  The Hostel has a little bar and I had a bottle of red before retiring for the night.  Beside it was a little poutine place so I had some pommies.  The next day was a food truck festival outside the hostel so I had a little sample of that.  They even had a wine truck as you can see below bottom left.



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