Frankfurt To Toronto | Air Canada Signature Business Class | Coming Home

Getting in line to board the plane in economy… I was first for my section.  I followed the agent and she swiped my boarding pass and I heard a “beeeeep” and I thought… i’m not going to be on this flight or my seat has changed.  I was scheduled for a window which I always want.  She told me I was moved to 4D and I knew that was up at the front and not in the economy rows.  I asked her if I could change my seat and she helped me get a window and off I was down the tunnel heading to the plane with a business class boarding pass.  The cost to a passenger for that cabin for that direction is $2500-3500CAD.  My Duty travel ticket was under $140CAD in economy.

The Dreamliner is the worlds most advanced commercial jetliner that travels higher, faster and smoother.  This has Air Canada’s newest business pods.  With the window seats now facing the window.  The windows on the Dreamliner are huge with no more plastic shade that slides down.  Button controlled dimming that allows you 5 different settings.  The staff can also control the cabin when it’s time to sleep and dim all the shades to darken the cabin.  Noise canceling headphones are given to plug in.  Seats have USB and plugs to power laptops.  Touch screen remote for the inflight entertainment.  Coming soon in flight messaging with other passengers if you are traveling with peeps.  18 inch screen with great quality for movies and television that remember where you are in the movie if you tap out to check the flight status of your trip.  The table slides towards you and has two folds with locking positions.

The drink menu is full of options.  The amenity kit has the basic things you need or would expect to find.  Hot towels are passed around before the dinner service starts with white linens for the dinner service and light meal before you land.

Seats have built in massage option and you can control the firmness of the seat or mattress.  Many different angles you can adjust your seat to relax, work, rest or watch the entertainment screen.  Adjustable armrests that are extra wide.  Full duvets, mattress and pillow are provided for resting.  Washrooms are sensor and touch free.  Throughout the flight there is a basket of chocolate bars and fruit if you want to help yourself to snack and throughout the flight the staff are always coming around offering drinks, juices and water.

Before getting on the plane i used my last euros to buy the biggest coffee i could find and i actually bought a sandwich to bring on the flight lol… which i kept in my bag for the flight.  Richard the flight director came around and asked me if i wanted a boarding glass of sparkling wine and winenot.  After takeoff he came around to serve drinks and i got him to make me the signature drink with crown royal 😉

Before take off… I ordered my main dish and i just waited for the food trolley to roll up and see what the people in business class eat.  Honestly… each portion was incredible.  I was completely blown away and I felt like I was served in a exceptional restaurant and the food and service was top notch.

After dinner and dessert… i didn’t want to sleep so I watched a movie and I did close my eyes with the lie flat bed for a hour to listen to a concert.  I didn’t want to miss breakfast below to see what’s up with that.

Vlog on the way home is below with my flight on Air Canada in Business Class.  Truly incredible service and flight on the Dreamliner by Air Canada.  Exceptional.


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