Three things… LMM


spend time and look forward to a woman that is those three things

the photo above is not her… but when it came on my dash on tumblr… it made my mind wander.

Plus two people that follow each other on tumblr makes you also wonder what they would be like…

Little Miss Madoc is special.  Words can’t describe how sweet Heidi is.  She is a wonderful mother to two young women who see her as a strong and independent woman.

I filled her ears in messages… maybe wrecked some sweater holes…  but in life you can’t make someone find you attractive the same way as your eyes are drawn to them.  You can’t make them want to be with you… no matter what I want in my mind.

I should have paid the 5 cents a while ago, but I’m happy we are friends.

I’m fine if my eyes follow her around the room anytime that I’m around her and look forward to hopefully getting together to catch up over lunch.  I appreciate the opportunity to volunteer and support her via her work at the hospice in Madoc.  She’s a special woman.



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