The Cold War Is Over


it happened.  it really happened.  she stopped lying to them.  they heard they didn’t have internet at home.  the boyfriend would let Noah watch YouTube videos on his laptop.  my kids know if they took that laptop into a forest you could not watch YouTube on it.

she gave in.

they were now online.

i gave Noah my older iPhone.  i put apps on it and i logged him into his Facebook account.


on Instagram… kids follow everyone.  just like me following 1,600 strangers on Tumblr.  so when FB says… “Noah, you should know so and so to add…”

he just added.  he has limited people on FB so it was mostly people i was friends with.

i noticed he added like 4 people.  some i didn’t know.

he was at school on wifi.


i had to login to his FB and cancel all the requests he sent and delete the people he added.  i had to explain that you add people to FB that you really know and you have an interest in them + want to share.

they have wifi and that’s all the matters.



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