Is It Spring Yet?


February 4th, 2017:

Hello! My name is Dan. This is my little blog that I use to document things, thoughts, photos and videos.  Sort of like a bookmarking parking spot for many things.  Bottom line for 2017 is that I need to blog more with videos, personal photos and ideas.   The little part of the blog that keeps all these little updates can be found here.

Side note… when i type these… sometimes i use capital letters and some times i don’t.  😉  You will have to deal with it.


my last little update was back in october of last year.  now the year has flipped over and a new year is upon us.  my goal is to really make a dent in my 101 Things to do in a 1001 days list.  you can see above that I got a little tattoo.  honestly… nothing fancy or epic.   working on a second one and made a little drawing above (bottom left) that has “C” spelled out as “cee” for my daughter and “en” the the “N” in Noah and a little triangle that represents each point in us since there is are 3 of us now… so that’s disguised as a tree.  no idea if i will use that idea…

i really enjoyed the Banff Film Fest that came into town and can’t wait for next year.

i need to blog more about the kids and document things more.  i’m going to start to make little videos again.  boring ones like before.  kids and myself laugh at them like this little one from our UNO Dare card games.  i’ve also recorded footage with them and we are going to make some little projects together.  one of them will be called “stories”.

also, trying to work on a logo for a while that is hard to hammer out.  kids want to make some t-shirts and hats… so going to get some patches made up and some iron-on logos for some hoodies/sweatshirts and t-shirts.   lol the kids want to sell “merch”.  i don’t want to sell it.  it’s just a personal project.

working on planning a vacation and make use of flight benefits.  i need to sneak away some weekends and explore some cities close by… more on that below.

i’m starting to play more with Spotify and build some playlists for moods.  the songs in my tight rotation now are here.  it’s a small handful of different songs i like for different reasons.  some of them are older and i still am madly in love with them.  it’s great since you can steam on a device or just download the player for the laptop or desktop.  you can find my profile on Spotify here.



i do.  i’m always excited for tomorrow.




working for Lufty and looking forward to some new projects at work coming up over the next 5 months.  with the opening of a new office across the world where the economic climate is so much different than canada will have a huge cost savings.  when a company can pay about 400 month in salary to a person means why pay someone over 2,000.  Sad… because with it comes uncertainty.  i’m sure there will be changes at work and the people that work there are waiting to see what’s up and how things unfold.

with business in today’s world… words today does not mean they hold true in 6 months from now since it’s a business and cost savings are important for sustainable growth.  we will see what happens and you can’t worry about it.


i planned out my vacation at work and I have to make little adjustments to it now.  Chantal will be getting a job with the Town Of Ajax this summer so I need to plan a little trip with her near the end of summer if possible.  maybe during the school year… but not sure if that will fly with the ex.

visiting places to explore is more beneficial than a week of school but i would not want her to fall behind.  with Noah… I think me and him are going to plan a little trip together this summer.  i think portugal and spain… so it looks like we will be planning separate trips with the kids.

they both have Lufty world maps at home so they can see all the places we fly to.

plus… there are changes to our benefits and we can now select two people to enjoy and use our flight benefits.  another thing i need to think about where someone can utilize this awesome perk.


The hardest part with planning anything with the kids is the communication with Karen which is sometimes exists and sometimes not.  I have ways to communicate with them now that she does not know about which are great.  I just want to be able to have her not mess up vacations anymore.



Gym.  I’m going.  I’m just starting to ramp up things a little.  At first you are shocking your body and it starts to protect itself and it’s starting to let go.  It’s starting to understand a new routine.  I’m trying to increase my water intake by a ton… so it’s starting to understand the new “normal” is lots of water going in and instead of holding on to it… it’s letting it go.  I’m at the point that I’m going to start lifting weights and I’ve been researching and trying to make a fitness program.  Researching is a bitch.  So many things online and I’m at the point that I’m trying to be more comfortable at the gym with the machines and also the free weights.

My goal to get to 220 will be easy and hard.  Easy to get down to 240 with some effort.  Going down to 220 will be harder.  I’m also starting to play basketball which is nice to run up and down the courts.  I’m also trying to overhaul my food choices and also when I eat during the day.  Hence… the tattoo on my wrist that I can see everyday.

When I get to 220… I will go for 200 and see what that takes me.  It’s not the number anyways since muscle weighs more… I guess it’s how you look naked.  Don’t ask right now.



love my mind.  love my “wants” and what excites me.  with heath comes confidence.  you have no idea how my mind works… and the struggle is real with what I want.

That’s why I have two other tumblrs.  2017 is about sorting out some things and also moving so after that… i can focus on the hunger to be with someone.


Thanks for hitting the blog!  Sorry for the ass grabs at the bottom here in the post.  Life is worth living and you have to live your life and go after what you want to have the opportunity to get it.  

If you get a chance to touch it… grab it.  hold on tight and kiss the hell out of it.  claim it.

Until the next update…

Cheers! Dan

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