Little Quarterly Update About Life Moving To Quickly And Not Having Enough Fun Truthfully


October 4th, 2016:

Hello! My name is Dan. This is my little blog that I use to document things, thoughts, photos and videos.  Sort of like a bookmarking parking spot. This little part of the blog is a little current update on things.


My last little update was back in Feb of this year.  Sorry… it’s taken me a while to update this page.  Before that it was August of 2015 and May 2015.  These little updates can be found here.


In life you have to keep things simple.



Working for Lufty is pretty good, but I need to use my flight benefits more.  I’ve used them twice to fly at 90% off and in July… I was able to take the kids to Nova Scotia to visit family and take off with the kids.  More on that below.  The company is expanding on the other side of the world and it will be interesting to see how that spins off for opportunities on this side of the world or take them away.  I need to fly away and very shortly… I will start looking to fly the kids somewhere in December with some time off around boxing day.


I’m starting to get back into the swing of things with music.  Below… I’m getting back to the basics with catching on with Ben Howard’s Every Kingdom album… but overall I can’t shake Ry X, Vancouver Sleep Clinic who is starting to release some new tracks and Bon Iver who just released 22 a million on September 30th that I’ve downloaded which is sweet mix of songs that are just down right creatively dirty and thought provoking and I still have older Bon Iver spinning on the iPod.

I’m a sucker for cuddling songs and songs to listen to when I ride and when I reflect.  Who doesn’t want to kiss someone in the dark to music.



Hitting up Nova Scotia was fun.  It was fun to fly on a plane with the kids.  To have little rules and for them to experience freedom with exploring and trying things.  It was great to see my family and see my Dad.  It was fun to see Chantal drive and she appreciated that she was allowed.

Before that was some Stealth Camping and that fun little adventure was inside my OSE here.



The past little while has been lots of work.  I have not really played ball this summer… instead I’ve picked up the tennis racquet and had fun getting out each morning before work and playing.  I’ve also decided to bike to work and free my mind up a little and get some exercise with the 15km trip to work each day.  The goal now is hitting the YMCA and also eating more healthy.

I honestly need to find the passion for ball and competing against anyone.  Therefore… I’m looking forward to the playground near you to kick your ass.


Coffee fuels me, Casey inspires me with telling a story and documenting, fall is here and the quest to live a simple life.  Going to start living with less things.  Tiny house design is happening room by room now.  I’ve started to build a 3D version of my Tiny House with auto cad so I can put actual furniture inside and view from all directions and have a walk through.  I’m also trying to knock off my 101 Things to do in a 1001 days and I simply wish that this summer didn’t fly by and I wish I had more fun and laughed more honestly.

I’m trying to be more kind.  Open more doors for people and smile more at strangers and exchange more daily pleasantries with strangers.  If everyone did this what would the world be like and I’m sure it would make a little difference that is positive.


Life should not be like this…

I’ve set up a private blog for the kids where I can post video messages and blog posts to.  I’m sure I will be blogging more about this shortly.  I giggle so much when I’m with these two.



having someone to kiss and makes you smile… is a sweet sweet thing.


I have so much unfinished business that it’s hard to do this post.  Hopefully the next update with have more progress and completion.

Thanks for hitting the blog!  Below is some general information of who I am if you want to stalk me a little…


Cheers! Dan


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