List3 | #79 of 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days | Jump + Hang On A Basketball Hoop


The summer after Grade 11… I was in shape.  I weighted a buck sixty four and size 34 jeans and in my desert boots… I could stand under the basket on the first day of high school and turn and jump and hang on the rim with one hand.  That summer at the courts… I could remember jumping and hanging on with two hands.  Just enough fingertips to hang on.

I’m 45 and I want to do that again.

It honestly sounds impossible.  With my goal to a healthy lifestyle the weight will come off and I will focus on achieving this goal.

Last night at the courts… I jumped and could touch the bottom of the backboard.  Every time I play I will focus time on jumping and jumping and see if I can get a little higher up the backboard over time.  I can also track and measure this at the YMCA this winter.

I will update this post and measure off the ground on how high I’m jumping.

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