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Hello! My name is Dan. This is my little blog that I use to document things, thoughts, photos and videos. Sort of like a bookmarking parking spot. This little part of the blog is a little current update on things.

My last little update was back in August of 2015 and before that was a little update in May 2015

Usually in the link under “pages” there is a little welcome message every quarter or when the season’s change.  I have not had my laptop working and as of today… I’m using a friends computer to get back in the swing of things.


Spring is upon us soon… and that means warmth, tents, blue jays and hoops…


Can’t wait to hit a couple of games this year, and also renew the Canada’s Wonderland passes for this summer.  The kids and myself has a blast last year at the park.

new collage3


Work is good.  Moved to nights to help balance life and get some things done.  I’m working 11pm to 7am and I’m usually sleeping during the day and I have my evenings off.   It’s quiet at night and just a handful of people.  It gives me a chance to sort out some things in my life at work in quiet periods using Evernote.  My mind wanders and I need to update the little DYI desktop craft project with some new pictures to help me focus.

new collage

I’m also planning a trip with the kids and I think I have Lisbon, Portugal set on a place to travel to.  I want to make use of my travel benefits at work.  I think the kids would enjoy it and they have passports.  No idea if “the mom” will allow it.  The mountains of British Columbia is my second choice and I think it would be a good little city to have fun in and also the awesome mountains.  I have a week off in July and August.  I know I want to spend some time camping with them like last year.  We had a blast.

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Always looking for new music and I’m working on dropping some new mixtapes shortly on the blog.  They have been in the works for a while.  I’ve also found some new artists through the help of iTunes and Tumblr and recommendations from some peeps at work.


Enjoying Casey and how he documents life and his outlook on things.  I’ve started to follow a couple of other Vloggers and picking up ideas and style on recording.  I’m looking at shooting more and dropping some little films shortly.  I miss recording and sharing.



Everyone needs that someone that they just want to devour…

for collage-002

I can’t lie.  I miss.  I miss having someone to kiss.  It keeps me alive and daydreaming of someone is sweet.  I want to feel good about myself so the hitting the gym is a must.  My motivation for the gym is being healthy, my mind and I want to be attractive.  Little Miss Sweetness is the person in my mind and she is fun to think about.  Hopefully… I can kiss her soon.

Time to get things going on the 101 list and knock off some stuff.  You can view it here: 101 List


One of the things is a tattoo and that is first on the list.  I’ve been playing around with ideas and writing them on myself to get my head into the idea.  Enough is Enough in my life for a couple of reasons so that is where I’m going to start.

new collage2

When in doubt… just Ben Howard and everything will be fine 😉


Thanks for hitting the blog! I promise to update it more going forward with music, food, ideas, things completed from the 101 list and some general updates with things I want to bookmark.

Cheers! Dan



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