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For a while now there is a secret blog inside this blog that you can’t see.  One of my things on my new 101 Things to do in 1001 days is to finish the damn thing.  Also on that list is to sort all the photos and raw video I have on my computer.

When I was down east visiting my Dad… I took some images of some pictures that he had for the secret blog.

I think I did a post about it before.  It’s basically a “legacy project” that it covers my entire life and before I was alive.  Some family tree stuff.  I’ve even figured out a way for this blog to last a long time online if I get hit by a bus by figuring out a clever way for the bill to get paid for it.

This new blog will cover the following segments:

  • before I was born
  • the bebe (me growing up)
  • the high school years
  • with Karen before being married
  • married life
  • single life after Karen

Noah Getting Ready For Bed Part I from Dan Deveau on Vimeo.

It will feature the little video I have and the pictures put into blog posts since the kids don’t really know what life was like before they were born.  Chantal does not really know what her life was really like before the age of five.

See I could never understand that.  But in today’s world it makes sense.  Parents capture with phones and photos stay inside them and go into computers and never really get seen.  It our days there was albums to look through.  There was our parents going to Black Photo and Costco and getting 4×6’s of every shot taken.  We stole the ones we wanted of us.  We looked at them and visualized what we did and remembered moments.  Our kids don’t see half the images we take.

I want my kids to have something they can snoop and read and watch so they will know about the history of things since it will go back before they were born.  I’m going to try and get old grade school friends to record audio stories to include and also try and get audio stories from family members that I can upload into soundcloud.

For me… it’s a winter project.  I get sentimental around the holidays and it a way to keep busy since I’m being sheltered from the kids.  It helps me look back on memories and I like to document things.

I will make it live when I have it almost finished and I can decide on the layout and how to best present it.

Noah Getting Ready For Bed Part II from Dan Deveau on Vimeo.

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