Quarterly Thoughts | Where Has April Gone?


{{{ in the “pages” menu… i sometimes type a little quarterly ramble… in the past i would delete them and type over them.  when i post a new one… i will post it here so it doesn’t get lost in the delete}}}

it’s middle of may and the warmth of the year is upon us. every year is a year of growth as a person as you keep going. lots of hills in life and joy and a little bit of pain. it’s natural. it’s not just me or you… it’s in everyone. just be happy for the little things in life. see the good in everything and be happy.

live forever and die in the attempt


1-jsdoitthe kids outlook on life has been great. looking forward to the warmer weather to do some fun things with them. we all got wonderland passes for the year and we are looking forward to going this year. we are going to continue to explore and do new things that we have not done before. the focus on this year is being independent and learning life skills. they need to be trusted and given freedom and not be sheltered from real life.


lots of new songs in the ipod. i’ve been purchasing new songs on iTunes as well as i’m still shooting my one second everyday project. it’s been a year at filming and there is some cool moments mixed in between lots of boring days but it’s a project and i’m happy with it. i’m also going to start to play some ball outside at the courts and also work on my health. playing ball makes me young and it’s great to run up and down the courts with the youngbucks.


around this time last year… it had a chance to meet this woman who made me think about the next time i could be with her as soon as i said goodbye to her. she made me smile and shake my head when i left her after spending a evening with her or a weekend. she is refreshing, alluring, radiant, passionate and charming.

i’m thankful for getting to know her and hopefully our paths will cross down the road. she is the kind of woman you can pack a light bag and jump on a plane to europe and all you would want to do is make love to her for a week and kiss her all over.

maybe one day we will do that together and escape the world for a week and nobody will notice we are gone and nobody has to know. because who cares what anyone thinks. until then… you have to keep moving forward and what happens… happens.

even if this is where it ends i’m still happy and thankful.


work is good and i enjoy it. travel and airplanes excite me and make me dream. lots of overtime at the moment and i’m using my time to get in as many hours as my mind will allow.


june is almost here… and i want to make may last longer. i will try harder to blog more and write out my thoughts more and snap more pictures and share. I type this blog for me and I use it to bookmark things I want to share and document.


If your new to this blog…

Feel free to send me a email [ dan (at) jsdoit.ca ] and say Hi.

My name is Dan and I live just outside Toronto, Canada.



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