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Love Evernote… Really taking it to another level with my life in a effort to go paperless.  Love how it all through all devices and it’s free and powerful.

What is Evernote?  Your mind can only hold so many things.  So why not stick a ton of things into Evernote and then later on you can easily search for things and bring them up.  It’s Free!  So save your ideas, inspiration, things you like, you hear and things you see through pictures + video.  Then you can search Evernote on your laptop, phone, iPad and all your things are synced across all devices.  You can search by keyword or tags and it will find those words inside what you saved into it.  It will even find a word on a T shirt that someone is wearing in a picture you sent to it.

A couple ways how I use it:

– When flipping through magazines like Toronto Life I can simply take a picture with my phone of inspiring things, places to go or places I want to eat at.  I will take a picture of the little bio on it.  Then the words inside the picture are searchable.  I do this for things that I need to get on my wishlist.

– Excellent for helping me GTD (Getting Things Done).  I can add things to “Today” and then sort by things regarding calls, errands, online, emails to do.  It’s easy to create a checklist with little boxes to tick off when things are completed.

– A super way to reference everything.  Articles from the web, websites to keep bookmarked, photo’s taken, audio notes of tasks + thoughts, PDF’s of bus schedules + swimming hours at all the surrounding pools, photo’s of business cards received (text is searchable from inside the photo), all sales receipts are added inside for reference, daytrip ideas with the kids, photo’s of boxes in storage and what’s inside each one, music that I want to download, emails forwarded to Evernote that get filed automatically, contracts, lock combos, warranty info, PDF instruction manuals and a whole bunch of other crap I am importing into it.  I can use “Clearly” (download it from Evernote.com) on my laptop to push a button and have the whole screenshot, article, website captured and sent to Evernote.

– Using it as a Journal of thoughts with video + audio diaries of the day.

– Keep track of all online accounts with reference info and login + account info.  I can also forward any emails from Third-party to my Evernote Email address and simply delete the emails from my inbox.

– Scan kids artwork and school work into it.  I also take pictures with my phone of drawings, test scores, etc.

– All statements for banking + accounts are sent to it.  I take the PDF’s of the statements and email them to Evernote.

– Each Client of mine has a Folder and all communication + notes are inside for reference.

– I use it to hold my list of 101 Things in a 1001 Days.  I also send voice memo’s, ideas and pictures to Evernote about any progress and updates to my list.

– I add songs I hear and I want to download through iTunes when I get online and have a credit to spend on it.

– Always sending links to articles and websites I like and might want to reference later or share with someone.  I do this a lot.

– I snapped a picture for every store card I have… so If they want my card… I can find it and read the number to them… so no more wallet full of store reward cards.

– I snapped pictures of my kids health card & immunization records for future access.

– Marketing ideas get put into Evernote for reference + action items needed to be completed.

– Created shared notebooks that certain people have access to for collaboration on projects.

– I use Evernote Clearly as a Web Clipper and Clip Articles and Recipe’s from the Food Network, Food & Drink, Canadian Living + Martha Stewart.  If I am flipping through a Magazine… I will simply take a picture of the dish, directions with ingredients so I can pull it up if I want to make it in the future.

– Add photo’s of handwritten notes to be reference later.  Evernote understands my writing and all the text is searchable later from the words captured in the photo.  This is super awesome!

All it takes is to open your mind at how you can add many things into it.  We use Google to search for public things.  The more you add into it…. you can use Evernote to “Google” the stuff that your mind can’t remember and you can find things quickly to reference.  It’s wild to think about.  I am throwing more things into it each day.  It’s a record for anything…

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