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At work… I’ve made a little double-sided 5 panel project that consists of 5×7’s with little pictures taken from my ipod, camera and tumblr.  Just a random collection of images that make me happy and something to look down under my monitor if I want to drift away.

It’s little pictures that help me remember a moment or a future moment that has not happened yet.


I’m going to make new panels that fold over so it will evolve as new memories are made.  I don’t care if I offend anybody since they are small and it’s mine.  My mind is made up of many little thoughts and wishes.  Things I want to do and do things with people in my life.


Yes this is on my desk.  There is 10 panels in total so every couple of days… I flip it around so I see the back.



This is five of the ten panels and your not going to see the other five.  I find it interesting after a while at which pictures my eyes wander too…


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