Just Because People Post Happy Pictures Does Not Mean They Are Happy


Hopefully you watch the video below and understand that what you see on social media from people does not mean they are “living the life”.  Just because you see them with someone or enjoying the moment… you don’t really know how they truly are.  People’s personal lives are mostly private and people only share some intimate details about their life with people in their “inner circle”.

Yes people post thoughts, photos and videos on social media like blogs, tumblr and facebook.  But what they don’t show or can’t show in just one video or picture is the complete story and give you a full understanding of the meaning behind the picture and the context.

People can’t sit on their couch day in and day out and stare at the lives of others and really know what’s going on.  They sit and judge a person and form an opinion of what the truth is or what it is projected to be.

It drives me nuts when people have assumptions and think they are a “know it all” about someone life when all they see is selected moments or things that are documented online.

I like to document things on social media.  Doesn’t mean you know what is really going on in my life… what I’m thinking or what I’m planning on doing next.

Don’t judge me if you don’t know me or your not me.  Everyone has a personal life that is private.  Your either in someone’s inner circle or your not.  Don’t take what people post as the complete truth.

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