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CouchSurfing has updated it’s userface on the web and mobile app.  The layout is way better and it looks pretty sweet.  I thought I did a post about CouchSurfing and I don’t think I did.  So here it is.  You can find a link to my CS Profile under the “LINKS” menu on this blog.  Watch the video above about a little hint about it and down below is a little video of the new interface.

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Above is Ben who is from England.  He has a blog called The Ginger Revolution.   He set out for 18 months and he started in Canada and in Toronto.  He stayed with me on his 4th night I believe.  Here is some of his details of his trip for his first leg of his journey below that I swiped from his blog:

How long was I gone?

Stage one lasted for a total of 213 nights. Basically, 7 months.

1-Stage 1 Where I Went
Where did I travel?
Consisting of four legs, the first stage of my journey took me right the way across the second largest country in the World, before heading down the west coast of the United States:

Canada: Toronto, Niagra Falls, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Peterborough, Tweed, Ottawa, Winchester, Alexandria, Montreal, Quebec, Arnprior, North Bay, Bruce Mines, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Regina, Medicine Hat, Calgary, Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, North Vancouver, Vancouver, Victoria, Tofino, Mill Bay, Juan de Fuca, Vancouver

United States of America: Bellingham, Seattle, Forks, Mount St Helens, Bellingham, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Monica

How far did I travel?

Stage One took me a total distance of 17,564km / 10,977 miles (or 4.56% of the distance between the Earth and the Moon!)

By what means did I travel?

This chart goes to represent perhaps the one thing I am most proud of…that despite have travelled 17,500km / 11,000miles across both an ocean and a continent, it is my my thumb that has taken me further than anything else. It’s incredible. Go thumb!

1-How I Travelled Stage 1

Where did I sleep?

  1. Work Exchange: 124 nights with 7 different hosts2. CouchSurfed: 61 nights with 25 different hosts3. Hostels: 16 nights in 8 Hostels4. Camped: 8 nights

    5. Slept in a car: 3 nights

    6. B&B: 1 nights

    What did it cost me?

Accommodation: £448.48 / $669.89

This represents an average spend of £2.10/$3.37 per night
Flight: £214.00 / $342.96

Travel: £427.98 / $685.88

This is excluding flights which works out at a little more than 3.3p/km (5.9 cents/km)

Other: £886.02 / $1,419.94

Including travel insurance, this includes everything else that didn’t naturally fall in to one of the other categories

Cash: £2,246.98 / $3,601.01
This is money I withdrew out of a cash machine/ATM and spent on either amusements, food or drink. However, having given it some thought, I didn’t really visit many amusements, so this money really just goes to represent what I consumed on the road, of which I suspect at least half would have been alcohol based.

Earned: £772.54 / $1,238.07
To my surprise, I managed almost everywhere I went to stumble in to small jobs. From refitting bathrooms to selling jam, it all went to offset what I was apparently just drinking.

Net Outcome of Stage 1: £3,002.44 / $4,811.71
Taking account of what I earned, this was the net damage. Now taking in to account that I have just had the greatest seven months of my life, I think I’ve got a pretty sweet deal… especially given I was in what is regarded the most expensive part of the World to travel (with perhaps one or two exceptions).

Price Per Day = £14.10 / $22.60
You know, they say you can’t put a price on happiness but that ladies and gentlemen is clearly bullshit. Because from what I can see, it’s £14.10.


 You should check out Ben’s blog above and check out his journey across Canada and into the United States on his way to Mexico.  It’s pretty cool.

1-2012 photo sort LR R1

So I received a email from Ben asking if he could stay with me for a night on my couch.  I told him that would be cool but Ajax is not that exciting and Toronto is just a quick train away.  He told me that he would be spending a couple days in Toronto and Ajax would be just fine.  We connected on FB and chatted a bit till his trip would start.  I messaged him and I decided to drive into Toronto and pick him up.

When Ben got into my car with only his backpack… I asked him if he wanted to do something in the city.  I asked him if he was going to check out the Falls and he said he thought about it…. but never put it in his trip.

Ok… let’s go see the falls.  We drove out to Niagara and we got to know each other in the car.  We toured around the Falls and on the way home we went to go see if we could hike to Balls Falls.  We found a place to park the car and we hiked along the gorge.  So beautiful.  We got home late in Ajax… and he wanted to catch up on email before going to bed with the couches he set up for the couple of days ahead.

The next morning we picked up some breakfast and hit Goodlife for a little workout and then grabbed some lunch and I dropped him off in Whitby in the afternoon and he was on his way.  I followed him on FB and the blog and his little journey is pretty cool and inspiring.

Check out when on his travels after me… he had a chance to meet “The King Of Canada“.

Couchsurfing is a pretty cool site.  Had the chance to attend some little “meet ups” in Toronto and also Peterborough.  Check out CS.  It’s not just couches and traveling.  It’s also about connecting with local members and people traveling through your community.  Some people are just from far away and don’t have strong connections within the community yet…. so it’s nice to meet up and connect.

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