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tumblr_mj7d13M9NG1rkbry3o1_500Yesterday… I posted a video by Cameron Christopher that is a little video of the first half of 2014. This morning I watched his 2013 year in review mix.  So sweet.  It’s really easy when you think about it.  You have an iPhone or a new iPod with iMovie and you just shoot footage.  Maybe every 3 days or so…you take the footage and trim what you like and mash it up and then take it off your phone to your laptop and stick it in a folder.

You collect these little mashups and then blend them back to back to back in iMovie and slap a song on it and you have something magical that you and your family & close friends can share.

This stuff inspires me.  It’s videos like this that inspires me to make my little “One Second Everyday” Videos that you can view from the pulldown menu above.

Memory Bank 2013 from Cameron Christopher on Vimeo.

This year was so good. I’m sure there were bad days but I can hardly remember them. To exceptional friends, good vibes, and lightness. ❤ Music: Avalanche by Blackbird, Blackbird

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