Tennis | Has It Been That Long?

tumblr_ncffcfijtk1sxv4ono1_500The one good thing about watching video with you in it…

It makes you want to go to the gym more and work harder.  Much more harder.  My God.  Humbling.  Where’s my YMCA pass.  Had a chance to hit some balls with Drew who is trying to work through some pain in his legs.  He was not that mobile… and I was not floating around the court after some sore legs from ball.  We looked like two old men walking around the mall and playing ping pong.

I’m looking forward to playing more Tennis.  Need to play Adam, Zuckerberg, Ali, BA and Everyday Graeme.  I need to get ready for the senior circuit.  It was nice just to knock the ball around with Drew.  I need a new ball whacker.  Super rough edit of some video shot with the old iPod.




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