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listening to the playlists… making album covers… converting songs… uploading them to dropbox…

that’s a fun little thing… i like to do.

i like new music in my ear buds.  i also love sharing new music.

Click (HERE) to download the new Sunday Afternoon mixtape and enjoy some new songs today!

sunday afternoons 5

Below is the new Sunday Mornings.  If you have the other ones… you can add these songs right into the playlist giving you more songs to shuffle from.  Download it (HERE)


Download “Getting Ready For Saturday Night Vol 3 right (HERE)

Getting Ready For Sat Night III

1-tumblr_n0y3uy0m1J1qlm8mgo1_500The All I Want III is ready and it’s released.  You can download it here.

Click “Pages” under the menu at the top and you can view all my other mixtapes.  😉

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