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Love this image.  I was driving to a reception venue and noticed a little farmer’s field with a little open gate.  I was in front of the limo so I singled and pulled over into the shoulder and asked the couple if I could have 5 minutes with them for a little shoot in the field.  One of the shots that I loved from the set was the one below.

In post-processing I wanted to add some layers to give it a different look.


I added some texture by to the image by adding some shots of swirling grass that you can see in between their heads and on the right of her head.  I took out the grass that overlapped her head since what woman would want swirly lines on her face.    I added some pictures of a sidewalk concrete on his shoulder and it’s tinted red.  I added some blur to take away from him so your eyes concentrate on her more.  I added a bit of a “vintage” feel through the image with the tones.

Here is what I was working with before the edits below:


For me… I’m always in love with this image for some reason.  Such a happy couple.  I do remember the grooms Mom didn’t like it since I cut him off on purpose.  The shot was more with her than him.

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