Love Is | Casey Niestat + His Girl… Candice | Married x2

There are many types of love with different strength inside different relationships that may have dynamics that are close to yours you have now or in the past or could be completely different than Casey + Candice.

They are together again.


It makes me happy.  It’s hard to describe but I only know them through social media and through Casey’s video’s on YouTube.  I admire Casey and how he lives his life.

I love how he documents so many things about his life.  It’s 12:20am and I’m going to watch his little video he made about her and how he was trying to save his relationship with her.  They have had their ups and down’s.

Here is a shorter video of a little weekend away to K-Land on the West Coast.

Here is another video of him surprising her in South Africa on New Year’s Eve on a whim and showing up at her parents house to surprise her.

I want to make some short films like how Casey does.  I want “Final Cut Pro” on my computer to edit them.  He inspired me to shoot more video of my kids and my daily life.  I need to do more of this.

My Candice is gone.  That’s ok.  I can accept that.

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