jsdoiTREST Year In Review | 2013


Last year I took some screen capture video of me scrolling through my Tumblr.  Thought it would be fun to do it again this year also.  The quality of the video is not in HD… but you get the point.  It’s neat to see pictures from the year mixed in with the regular “filler pictures”.  You can see movies I’ve watched (not enough) and also the music that I posted.  You can see happy times and also sad times.  I had someone in the past that haunted me.  Overall…. it was a year that just went by.  2014 will be different and better.  I will raise a glass to that!  You can hit my Tumblr here:  jsdoiTREST

JSDOItrest 2013 Year In Review from Speed on Vimeo.

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