Bondi Icebergs, Bondi Australia | Sea Pool – Life In The Ocean


Bondi Icebergs from Jason Wingrove on Vimeo.


It would be great to be a part of this club.  For 83 years on the first Sunday of May… they open the club for the winter swimming season.  A great little doc at such a great club and a lifetime of bonding with each other as the tradition gets passed down through the years to the younger members.  I love how it takes 5 years to be in the club and you have to swim at least 3 Sunday’s of every month.  If you miss out on too many days… you are kicked out of the club for 12 months.


Below is another short about Australian ocean pool culture in Sydney. Early morning at North Narrabeen, a public pool in Sydney’s northern beaches. Getting there at 6am there were already swimmers in the winter water.  Imagine if we all could start our mornings like this.  I think the waves and the peaceful mornings would do our soul good.

narrabeen dawn from Jason Wingrove on Vimeo.

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