As 2014 Ends… what am I listening to…

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As 2014 closes out itself… I find that I’m still listening to the same music that I connected with in 2012 and 2013. Some new artists have come across my iPod and I’ve listed them to share on my mixtapes that you can download from the link in the “Pages” pull down menu. For the music that was spinning in my head in the Fall of 2012 & 2013 you can head here.

Starting with the group of artists above from left to right is:

The National is an American indie rock band from Cincinnati. The sound of them is dark and melancholy and difficult to interpret. They are one band that I want to listen to more. Ben Howard has listed them as a band he has been drawn to when he was creating his new album IFWWW. Songs that are on my mixtapes are: Don’t Swallow The Cap, Exile Vilify, Apartment Story and my new fave “I Need My Gril”… which is listed below to listen to.

Next above and moving to the right is Daughter and I first noticed the album cover and was drawn to her. – Daughter is a European folk band from England. She has opened for Ben Howard. They have released two smaller EP’s. The song “Youth” has a certain love affair with my thoughts. I have this song in a remix that pumps me up…. but most of Daughter’s songs are just sweet soothing sounds or sadness. I like the peace it gives me. Daughter supported “The National” and played 3 nights in Toronto just a short time ago. The songs Candles & In The Shallows are on Sunday mornings and Smother, Switzerland, Landfill, Drift and Tomorrow are on “Lost In Transition” mixtape. Listen to “Youth” below and you will see why I am in love with Elena Tondra’s voice. Love this song.

Mumford & Son’s is another group that I don’t need to talk about. Both albums are solid and can be played without skipping a song. They started in 2007 and they are from West London. Babel was the fastest selling album in the UK in 2012. In September of 2013… they announced that they will take a break for the time being. I’m waiting for a follow up album to Babel.

Polica is next and I have not really downloaded their follow-up album. They are from Minneapolis and they were formed as a project. They are all members from other bands and their music has taken off and they have been now touring worldwide for a niche market. I’m in love with Channy Leaneagh. They were the iTunes single of the week and was one of the first full length albums I purchased on iTunes. I enjoyed “Give You The Ghost” and I’ve downloaded a couple of songs from their follow up album Shulamith. I have posted Wandering Star and a couple on my workout mix and Rattlebear.

Next up is Leif Vollebekk who is from Montreal. When at the cinema I was introduced to him with the little music preview they feature before the movie. Off The Main Drag, Don’t Go To Klaksvi, In The Morning, Takk Somuleidis, You Couldn’t Lie To Me In Paris have all been listed on my Sunday Mornings Mixtape. His music is perfect for mornings on the weekend. He is someone that I want to see live in some little bar in Toronto on a cold winter night. I just love “Can You Read My Mind” I just downloaded 4 new songs from him… so I’m sure you will hear them on a mixtape in the near future.

Ivan & Alyosha has gone missing from my earbuds for a while. I listened to them a whack in 2013. They are from Seattle, Washington and they formed in 2007. They were featured more and more on NPR and they started to gain more fans. They came out with their first album in 2013 and I fell in love with “The Fold” and tagged that my “Song Of The Year” for 2013. Running for Cover, Be Your Man and Easy To Love have been my faves. Hit the “Keyword” links on the side of the blog to pull up the blog posts about them.

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Another six artists are listed above. Starting at the top and left to right is Ben Howard. My blog is full of Ben Howard so just use the Keyword Links on the left side of the blog allow you to pull up all the Ben Posts 😉

Next is Vancouver Sleep Clinic and they are a mini Bon Iver. They are from the land of down under. They are 18 years old and they released a little EP that is just magic. They just have started touring outside of Australia and they are blown away at the little following they are getting. Tim just started messing around making little tracks with a cheap microphone and his laptop. He would post them online and it just spread. Flaws and Drake’s Hold On We Are Coming Home are two great tracks. They are listed with others on my Lost In Transition Mixtape. Fuck me… they have a new song. Superfly.

Next is Bon Iver. Founded in 2007… they are a sweet band that has this heavenly feel. Singer Songwriter Justin Vernon is gifted. Their first album was written and recorded while Justin was in a cabin in Wisconsin. In November of 2012… they announced they were going to take a break after performing for the last time. The label that they are signed under states they have not broken up. Many songs are listed on my Lost In Transition and Sunday Mornings Mixtapes. It’s music you just want to snuggle up with LMS under the blankets and listen and kiss softly.

Next up is Passenger. Mike released “Whispers” just a short time ago and there is a couple of songs that I just love. I’m always drawn to listening to Mike play acoustic instead of the pieces they have when he records his studio albums. I’m glad he releases the acoustic songs with the CD on iTunes. There is lots of Passenger on this blog and on my Mixtapes. Songs from his new album that I love is Scare Away The Dark, Hearts On Fire, Coins In A Fountain, Riding To New York, Rolling Stone and Whispers. All of those are the acoustic versions. Whispers should have been the “Song Of The Year” for 2013 for me.

RY X is a songwriter who has a Bon Iver sound to him. He is from the land of down under and he is based in LAX. Berlin is a sex on the floor kind of song. Shortline is another. Both of those are in my 40 min of kissing mixtape. The video below startled me after a while when it was playing. I’m waiting to see what he comes up with next if he releases a full length album. Right now… he has about 13 minutes of songs.

Last in this section listed above is The Strumbellas. They are a Canadian 6 piece band that has a Mumford kind of sound. I guess you would call them “Folk PopGrass”. Formed in 2008… they didn’t really take off until they released “We Still Move On The Dancefloors” Four of the 6 are from Lindsay and the other two were found on craigslist. They played lots of gigs at the Horseshoe and the Cameron House in Toronto. I’ve added songs on the Sunday Afternoon Mixtapes. I’ve seen them live twice and I’ll catch them again soon hopefully on Dec 10th here in Peterborough. Best 10 buck show money can buy.


I Miss | My Brother | David Deveau

Just going through some stuff and found the little card from my Brother’s funeral when I was 18.

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Every December 14th… I think more and more about my Brother.  Today is one of those days.  Today… I have many thoughts and I will return soon and type them out…





One Second Everyday | The Videos Already Released | May 2014 to Present |




I enjoy doing this project and would like to do this the rest of my life to document it.  I basically shoot a little bit of video everyday and I just use iMovie on my iPod to edit it up and release it every month.  My son really enjoys the project and my daughter now wants to make a “One Second Everyday” project also.  I enjoy making them.  I would assume that they are pretty boring to watch.  I enjoy them for the basic fact that I like to document life in many different ways and it’s also kind of neat to review them and reflect on the moments that are positive and not so fun to go through and all the little boring moments in between.

** CLICK HERE – For individual videos **

Autoplay:  The YouTube preview below will play them all in a row from the beginning or you can click this link to see the breakdown of all the videos inside the project:



You can view my OSE videos broken down by Year:

2016, 2015, 2014 + the Don’t Tell Mom Series which has some of the first videos I started making in 2012 after separating from my wife that I shot on my first generation iPod Touch and edited with the crappy Windows Movie Maker that was free on my computer.  You will also find some separate little films that were not in my OSE videos.  Anything made after 2014 was shot on my iPod Touch and edited on the powerful iMovie app on my iPod Touch.