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Passenger | Holocene | Bon Iver Cover

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013


Enjoy the quiet day with the people around you.

Passenger | Mike Rosenberg | Feather On The Clyde + My Heart Is On Fire

Saturday, December 21st, 2013

Such a cold time of year that we spend inside mostly.  Jarred Seng is an incredible photographer who is also a friend of Passenger.  He has photographed him and also shot some video of him just hanging around playing.

Yes, there is so many blog posts on this blog about Passenger.  You have no idea how much his life has changed.  I was going through some pictures that Jarred has taken and below you can see what a difference two years has made with a comparison of two of his photos below:


If you want to see what 2012 was like… take a look at this little tour video below in the land down under at the little gigs he played:

It’s great to see some of the cool places he has played.


His shows are intimate.  It’s just him standing up there.  Sometimes he turns the mic off and asks people to be very quiet and he just belts it out at the front.



He also loves to busk outside if the police don’t ask him to leave.  He likes to busk in the day play somewhere at night.

Here is Feather On The Clyde below that was shot by Jarred

So many people don’t know how beautiful his songs are.  Here is two examples below.

Below is My Heart Is On Fire with Stu Larsen who is coming to Toronto in May.  Coming?

Follow Jarred on Facebook and take some time and really listen to Passenger.

A Must Watch | Passenger | All The Little Lights | Thank You Message

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

I was blessed to go to two shows of Passenger.  One in 2012 and one in 2013.  Mike’s rise has been incredible to watch.  This video is just wild to see where he is now.  I just looked and his video for “let it go” as been viewed on YouTube 155 million times.

You have to simply watch the video below and listen to the words and soak it in.  This song has lots of meaning in my life.  Can’t wait to see him in 2014.


Here is a note posted today from Mike…

Published on 18 Dec 2013

what a year this has been . so many amazing moments to look back on …. playing to 40,000 people at pink pop festival in holland , cuddling a jaguar in mexico city ( whilst drunk …. ) playing at a metal festival in austria , nearly getting arrested for busking in madrid , driving through a snow storm in scotland , playing on jools holland , jay leno and children in need , singing bruce springsteen songs whilst standing on a table in a beer tent in belgium , busking in dublin to over a thousand people ,selling out two nights at the shepherds bush empire in london – the venue i dreamed of playing as a kid , seeing arsenal beat borussia dortmund … in germany ( sorry dortmund fans ….) watching stu larsen wow audiences across the world and putting jarrad seng in a suitcase in melbourne to name a few ……

it feels like a good time to say thank you . thank you to those of you that have supported me since i have been playing to 6 people in a pub and sticking with me through the madness ( you know who you are !) thank you to those of you that have come on board this year . to everyone who has bought , streamed and shared my music . to everybody who has come out to a show or busking . to all of those who have left lovely and thoughtful messages on my facebook and twitter. to ed sheeran and his team for the opportunity of a lifetime . to everyone that i’ve had the pleasure of working with – from venues to radio stations and my amazing team – you are some of the best people i know . its not easy to say how much it means , in fact its impossible . your support has allowed me to live my dream . to travel the world and play to people that know the words to songs that i wrote in my bedroom . you have given me the best year of my life and i will be eternally grateful .

i can’t wait to visit as many of you as possible and share my new record with you next year !!

for now though , here is a video that my immensely talented friend jarrad seng made on the recent tour of australia . everything this guy touches is golden but this for me is some of his best work . go and like his page if you like putting beautiful images into your eyes !!

it seemed fitting to make something for the song “all the little lights” to close out the year . i hope the lights are shining bright for all of you this christmas .

all my love and thanks . mike x”

Movies With Little Miss Sweetness | Movies | Chick Flicks | Why Not

Sunday, December 15th, 2013


I was going through my IMDb Watchlist and I wanted to highlight the movies I want to watch.  I call this set of movies “Movie Night with Little Miss Sweetness”.  I would suggest to anyone that you get your LMS on the couch and pick a movie and watch it with her.  That is never a “bad idea”.  Never.

Here is 30 on my “Watchlist”.  The Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight series… I need to see the last one (Midnight) but why not make it into a back2back2back afternoon and watch all 3 together.

Also… (Yes), I have watched “The Notebook” but I would see that one again.


DETROIT – “Tracing Skylines” | Urban Awesomeness

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

Karl Fostvedt - Action

Poor Boyz Productions takes street skiing to Detroit, Jib City.

Featuring the skiing of Karl Fostvedt, Khai Krepela, and Max Morello.

Filmed by Cody Carter, Jonny Durst, and Japser Newton.

New Mixtape | K-Land | Inspired By The Man On The West Coast @K_LAND310

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

1-kland3K-Land | (Released Dec 2013) | In 2013, I met a man online who reached out and commented on my Tumblr + Blog.  We then emailed back and forth and got to know each other.  I have many great things to say about him.  He lives on the West Coast, married with three beautiful daughters.  He’s been a blessing in my life and I look forward to meeting up with him next year when he is traveling for work on the east coast like NYC or Chicago.  We Skype sometimes and it’s great to hear his voice and see him.  He’s a funny dude.  He would be my Amazing Race partner.  This mixtape is more about reflecting on your life a bit deeper and see where you stand in life compared to when you get to the real finish line in life.  It’s a mix of songs I find somewhat spiritual.  Follow Kirk on Tumblr here.


 I will have this mixtape moved back to my dropbox so it’s downloadable again.