I Remember When You Were Zero | Happy Birthday To My Little Man!




This was the first picture I ever took of you 1:41 seconds after you were born.  I remember that morning.  What a beautiful morning it was.

You came out about 14 minutes after we left for the hospital.  I guess you could not wait to see us.

Chantal came to visit you in the Hospital on your very first day of being born.  She was so happy to see you and to meet you.  She wanted to take you home to play with you.

As soon as you came home… she wanted to watch TV with you.

We took you to Movenpick for dinner.  Chantal wanted to sit with you.

Happy Birthday Little Man!  You are Seven Years old today!  I love you with all my heart.  You are my little man and you are very special to me.  I can’t wait to watch you grow up as I have.  Your such a good boy and Daddy is very proud of you!

Your my little “Star Wars” buddy now.


New Blog | The Archives | The Stories

Just created a new blog that will cover many things that covers my family before I was born, my early years, my teens, with K before marriage, married life, single life as well as the journey with both my kids as well as basketball and my Brother and his family.  It will also included pictures of my family before I was born using scanned images from slides from my Father.

No link will jump to it from this blog.  It will be shared privately and made public if I get flattened by a bus one day.


Sunday Throwback Piktur | Yearly Blue Mountain Trip In The Summer

Never really been to Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario before heading up there when Chantal was with us.  Stayed in a cool little studio that was nice and really did not break the budget.  Chantal brought all her stuffed animals and we packed our bags and headed up for 3 days.  Swimming, walking around the shops, the trip up the mountain, Rocky Mountain Chocolate, Firehouse Grill and just having fun was a nice thing to do and we would go up every year in the summer.

I’ve never been in the winter and would love to go.

Happy Sunday!  It’s fun to go through some older pictures and post some.

23 Years Ago

23 Years Ago… I lost my Brother to Cancer.  He was 36 years old and I was 18 at the time.  It’s a long time ago… but I can remember that point in my life very well.  I had new beginnings happening that I was excited about… but I knew I was going to loose someone that I wanted to know more.  With the age difference… he was out of our house before I could remember things as a little kids.  I do remember snooping through his old room every day… just going through his stuff.

I miss him.  I miss the person and the man and the father figure I didn’t really get a chance to know.  I knew him… but didn’t have time with him that I wanted to.  He was a special guy and I think about him alot.