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Little Quarterly Update About Life Moving To Quickly And Not Having Enough Fun Truthfully

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016


October 4th, 2016:

Hello! My name is Dan. This is my little blog that I use to document things, thoughts, photos and videos.  Sort of like a bookmarking parking spot. This little part of the blog is a little current update on things.


My last little update was back in Feb of this year.  Sorry… it’s taken me a while to update this page.  Before that it was August of 2015 and May 2015.  These little updates can be found here.


In life you have to keep things simple.



Working for Lufty is pretty good, but I need to use my flight benefits more.  I’ve used them twice to fly at 90% off and in July… I was able to take the kids to Nova Scotia to visit family and take off with the kids.  More on that below.  The company is expanding on the other side of the world and it will be interesting to see how that spins off for opportunities on this side of the world or take them away.  I need to fly away and very shortly… I will start looking to fly the kids somewhere in December with some time off around boxing day.


I’m starting to get back into the swing of things with music.  Below… I’m getting back to the basics with catching on with Ben Howard’s Every Kingdom album… but overall I can’t shake Ry X, Vancouver Sleep Clinic who is starting to release some new tracks and Bon Iver who just released 22 a million on September 30th that I’ve downloaded which is sweet mix of songs that are just down right creatively dirty and thought provoking and I still have older Bon Iver spinning on the iPod.

I’m a sucker for cuddling songs and songs to listen to when I ride and when I reflect.  Who doesn’t want to kiss someone in the dark to music.



Hitting up Nova Scotia was fun.  It was fun to fly on a plane with the kids.  To have little rules and for them to experience freedom with exploring and trying things.  It was great to see my family and see my Dad.  It was fun to see Chantal drive and she appreciated that she was allowed.

Before that was some Stealth Camping and that fun little adventure was inside my OSE here.



The past little while has been lots of work.  I have not really played ball this summer… instead I’ve picked up the tennis racquet and had fun getting out each morning before work and playing.  I’ve also decided to bike to work and free my mind up a little and get some exercise with the 15km trip to work each day.  The goal now is hitting the YMCA and also eating more healthy.

I honestly need to find the passion for ball and competing against anyone.  Therefore… I’m looking forward to the playground near you to kick your ass.


Coffee fuels me, Casey inspires me with telling a story and documenting, fall is here and the quest to live a simple life.  Going to start living with less things.  Tiny house design is happening room by room now.  I’ve started to build a 3D version of my Tiny House with auto cad so I can put actual furniture inside and view from all directions and have a walk through.  I’m also trying to knock off my 101 Things to do in a 1001 days and I simply wish that this summer didn’t fly by and I wish I had more fun and laughed more honestly.

I’m trying to be more kind.  Open more doors for people and smile more at strangers and exchange more daily pleasantries with strangers.  If everyone did this what would the world be like and I’m sure it would make a little difference that is positive.


Life should not be like this…

I’ve set up a private blog for the kids where I can post video messages and blog posts to.  I’m sure I will be blogging more about this shortly.  I giggle so much when I’m with these two.



having someone to kiss and makes you smile… is a sweet sweet thing.


I have so much unfinished business that it’s hard to do this post.  Hopefully the next update with have more progress and completion.

Thanks for hitting the blog!  Below is some general information of who I am if you want to stalk me a little…


Cheers! Dan

Open Letter To My 18 Year Old Self

Thursday, March 10th, 2016


July 15th, 2015

Dear Speed,

Hey!  Pay attention.

It’s July 15th, 1989 and you just walked your future wife home to her parents house.  Yes, you end up getting married to your high school sweetheart that you just shared your first intimate kiss a couple of weeks ago on May 23rd after school that left you breathless and you don’t remember your feet touching the ground as you walked home grinning.  More on that later dude.

I have many things to tell you and I want you to listen and take some advice from an older version of yourself shown above.  That shot was taken in 2013 when you were 43 years old.  This is the last one before you started shaving your head.  I know you like your hair now but later in life it will start to be more like our Dad’s.

I know you won’t take all of my advice and making mistakes in life is part of the process.  You will make many in your lifetime.  Everyone else around you does.  Along the way, you will hurt people you care about and you will understand that you can’t go back in life to say goodbye to people you love when they leave you suddenly.


Let’s talk about the present.  1989.  Right now you are 18 years old and weigh a buck sixty-five and your waist is 34.  You live at home with your parents.   You can’t dance worth shit and have no rhythm.  You have made up your mind to go to Ajax High next year before High School ends.  At DO’C you started to feel more accepted and you feel better about your appearance.  Good job on the desert boots buddy 😉


A couple of months ago you finally told Karen, the girl that liked you in Grade 7 that you liked her back.  She is your world now and you are already in love with her since you were strong friends that know everything about each other.  I’ll fast forward to 2015 and you still love her since you have shared so much of your life together but things are different now.  Your life is so different and you have never felt so disconnected and alone but you are more thankful for the little things you have.  More on that later.


Right now, I want to talk about a couple of things and ramble a little.  You never really have this opportunity to talk to your younger self.

I wish I could go back a little farther and tell you to pay attention in French class and to study the language so you can speak two different languages.  If you did, you would make more money which is not super important in life but I think it would have changed the outcome of your life and who knows… maybe your marriage.


Right now, you have not really dated anyone.  Patricia didn’t count and Stacey was a summer with your hands running wild on each other.  You have not grown older and matured like I have and you are so young you have not had a chance to really look back and reflect on life.  You are not a deep thinker and your just moving through day by day.

If you could go back to the summer of 1988 you will not be able to realize that your “what if” girl is on the edge of your life.  You don’t see her as that person.  I can’t make you go back in time and I don’t want you spoil anything now with Karen… but over your life she will pop into your mind and make you wonder.

If you could go back one year… I would want you to go back to the summer before and walk across Harwood Ave to the other townhouses on the other side and knock on the other redheads door.  The one with the freckles.  Tell her that you want to go for a walk with her.  Then, I would want you to walk down to the lake with her and stop her dead in her tracks and kiss her on the path when she is mid sentence about something.  Just get the guts and plan your precise move and just do it.  Make her forget the world for 24 seconds.

If you could do that for me… you will help me get that “what if” out of my system.  Then you would not think about what it would be like to kiss her all your life.  Don’t worry Dan…  you will be fine in your relationship with Karen and into your marriage and you won’t stray and be faithful to her.


Over your lifetime you will have three “what if” women in your life and two of those will be after your marriage ends.  (Yes.  It ends, but when it does…  your life will begin again.  So don’t worry)  These two women enter your life at the wrong time in your life and they can’t grow and develop.  So I need to tell you about things to make your life better and more ways to keep relationships and be more appreciative through communication and actions.  You can never control if the other person will like you back as much as you like them.  All you can do is be “YOU” and do the right things and if they stay they will appreciate the person you are and what you bring into their life.


First let’s start with some house keeping issues and things to remember and work on:

Thee couple dirty magazines that you bought at L&L gift shop when you were in grade 11 at 10:30pm after you have to wait till everyone was out of the store is not worth it.  Your Mom will find them in the briefcase in your closet and the thought about her knowing will be far worse than the 4 minutes of pleasure looking at them 😉

Hang out with your Dad more.  When he comes home from work and goes downstairs to watch TV.  Don’t just come in and go upstairs right away.  Go sit with him and hang out.  Even if you don’t talk.  Just hang out and watch “The National” with him and talk more.  They will retire and move to Nova Scotia so you need to spend as much time as you can with them before they go east.

Appreciate more what your Mother does for you.  She cleans your room and makes you all the food you can eat.  She slips you money all the time so you can go out and do things.  I know your nice to her but hug her more.  Mom’s like that and you don’t understand that they like that stuff… so now and then.  Give her a hug and tell you that you love her.  Take the time to slow down and talk to her.  Kiss her on the cheek as much as you can.

Call your Brother on the phone since he doesn’t live in the house.  You wasted so much time and you hardly know him.  More on that later.  You will regret this the most… so do this right now!  You can’t go back in time.

– Don’t knock it till you tried it.  I know you have a silly expression that you won’t eat anything you can’t spell.  But you need to try new foods and get used to different foreign cuisines.  The food is incredible. 

– If a street performer makes you stop and watch you owe them a buck.  Don’t be cheap.  Also don’t be shy with panhandlers.  Go buy them a coffee and bring it to them.  You always act like your busy and you don’t notice them.  I know you do.

– You only get one chance to notice a haircut so notice the small things and complement the people around you.  Notice them and acknowledge it in their presence.  Women think different than us and it bugs the shit out of them if you don’t say something right away.

– Always buy good shoes.  When you are older than always buy good sheets and pillows.  But now… always buy nice kicks.  People notice them and you will feel good in them.

– Eat lunch at school with the new kids.  Meet new people and when you are older try not to eat lunch at your desk and eat with other people and get to know them better and be more attentive to the people around you.  Since your going to Ajax next year there are so many new people to meet and get to know.  Don’t be shy and challenge yourself to interact with everyone.

– It’s never too late to apologize to someone.  Damn.  I’m typing this to you and I need to do some apologizing to people. Be sincere and acknowledge when and how you let them down.  Some people might not forgive you but you need to live with yourself and you have to put yourself in front of them in person if you can and apologize to them.


– Protect the people that are absent.  It’s going to be in a book you read in 2004 at work later in life and this is so important and also very hard to police yourself.  If you are around people and they are talking about someone else… stand up and protect the person they are talking about that the people are talking behind their back.  Try not and talk about other people behind their back yourself.  If you mind your own business you will live a more peaceful life in your mind and also it will show yourself better in front of those people and they will respect you more.

– Look people in the eyes when you thank them and try and do a better job at remembering names.  You suck at this so you need to practice.

– Always take the time to thank the host and search them out and thank them personally.  Also write more personal small handwritten notes to thank people and send them promptly.

– Be a good listener and try and not think of the next rebuttal as the person is talking.  This will help you in marriage and with women.

– Practice those Kegel exercises you are reading about in Men’s Health.  They will come in handy.

– When you start working in the investment field downtown Toronto later in life buy some stock in a company called Apple and buy as much as you can and afford.  You can thank me later.

– Buy all the orange properties in Monopoly.

– Smile at strangers.  You might cheer them up just a little.  Everyone has battles they are facing and as you get older people will have more battles.

That’s all the little bullet comments I can think of right now.  Let’s go back to the topic that will consume you in much of your life ahead.


More about the young girl who is your best friend that your suddenly kissing and want to spend every single freaking minute with.  😉

Let me give you a little teaser for you below:

Congratulations!  You got her.  She is the “one”.  You told her that you liked her and caught her off guard.  Right now you are together all the time which you think is good but you need to set a trend early and keep that going the rest of your life.  I know that I’m telling you to keep a balance and don’t spend every minute together.  The trend is that you need to start is to be independent.  You need to be alone to get things done for you.  You still need to see your friends like Nose.  You need to keep playing basketball with your buddies.  You also need to make her independent and for her to keep her relationships with her high school friends that she will drop cold as soon as school ends next year.

I know I’m telling you things and you won’t listen but trust me.  YOU NEED TO SET A TREND.  So as you move through life with her she needs to be used to you being with her and showing that she is a priority in your life but you also need to be doing stuff with your friends.  If you don’t she will resent anytime that you want to do something with friends and she will control you and make you feel guilty.  Later in life when your friends tell you that she has you “whipped” and you try and laugh it off.  You will know it’s the truth.  Don’t worry.  You will be happy overall in your life.  You will just regret not starting that trend so it lasts through your relationship and when you spend time away from her… it will feel “normal” to her.


She will also get more beautiful with age.

You will have many good times together and grow as people.  You will finally have two beautiful kids together after loosing the first one before you are married.  I don’t want to tell you to much of the future, but your Daughter will be such a sweet soul.  Then when you think that it should just be three of you in your family, you decide to try and have another child and you get your Son.  Another gentle soul and your two kids will help you push through life.

You will be together for 23 years.  You will be genuinely happy.  Since you have two kids you can confidently say that you had sex twice in your 23 years together.  All I want to say is don’t settle for a sexless marriage.  It’s wonderful and so important.  Being intimate together is what makes us feel alive and being wanted in life by your partner is so important.  You need to communicate your feelings to her.  You need to be with someone that wants to be with you in that way.  You need to have someone you can kiss passionately and you need someone to lie naked in the afternoon and dream about the world and hold each other.

BECAUSE… Before you know it… she will suddenly approach you one afternoon in your 23rd year together she will tell you that her and her parents have decided that she will take the kids and move into to her parents house.  After that afternoon you will never to ask her why.  You will never have a meaningful talk about anything with her after that sentence out of her mouth.


Then you will find the Rules Of A Gentleman online and the front and the back are so important in life and you promise to not settle in the future.  You promise yourself to keep someone on their toes by following the back and you will try and attract them by following the front.  Your main” tumblr will outline things you want and miss while micro-documenting life.  Your private one will also help you bookmark the reminders of what you have missed and the healthy and much needed deeper connection we all need in relationships through intimacy.  Bottom line.  Make a fucking effort for the other person and follow the Rules Of A Gentleman.  It’s a good start to hopefully a long lasting relationship.


You will meet the most sensual woman you have ever been with in 2014 and you will have the most craziest sex in your life and wished you had it like that when you were married.  You will plan out how to seduce this woman to keep her on her toes and keep her guessing.  You will think about the next time after you say goodbye to her.  She will do the same for you and she will surprise you also.  It will hit you that you have only spent periodic moments with this woman and you have had more intimate moments with her over the period of 8 months than you will have in 23 years with the woman you have now.  That’s just not right.  So you need to have that that commitment to the other person and they also need to have it with you.  Don’t settle.  I can’t type it out here but I will funnel it to you somehow through this little symbol using the keyboard   (y)

So put your mouse over it and all the thoughts and ideas will flow to you and enjoy.  So when you get fixed after your second child you can really enjoy your time together anytime the mood strikes and not be just a sperm donor a couple of years later after your first child is born.


You really need to eat clean and eat proper portions.  You need to lift a little weights and keep yourself in good condition.  Nobody lives a perfect life but you will feel better about yourself and be more confident as you get older.  You need to be healthy and strong.  You don’t have to be perfect but the more commitment towards yourself will help.  That’s all you can do.

1-tumblr_ne1bl49XiE1qdftleo1_500Lessons.  You will learn lessons.  I was going to type to you and talk about Alison and I won’t.  If you can promise me one thing is this.  When you update your “Relationship Status” on something called Facebook when your marriage ends and change “Married” to “It’s Complicated” and Alison messages you right away asking to go out for coffee.  Just go out and have one with her.  Wish her well and don’t have another coffee with her.  Don’t!  Please don’t!!!

1-7-4-02 Home with Grandma & Grandpa 006

Let’s talk about our Mother.  She is simple and sweet as you know.  She is so much older than you and people on this earth will not last forever.  My simple advice is to call her all the time when she moves away.  You will regret that if you don’t.  One day she will be in your life and the other she will be gone.  That’s all I’m going to say.  Call your Mother when she retires.  Technology will help in the future with talking to people through the internet and you can see them with a video camera on your computer.  Just call Mom as much as you can.

1-ebay and packing-001

Now for your Brother who will pass away of Liver Cancer a couple of months from now.  I know with the 18 years difference between you that you looked up to him more of an Uncle since when you were little and could remember things he was already living on his own so he was more of an Uncle you would go visit during the year.  Cancer is something that strips away your physical shell as well as your insides and you were not around to watch him disappear from his normal healthy self.  You were not living close to him so you could not be in his presence and for that you will be forever guilty for not asking someone to drive you to him so you could have hung out with him so you could spend a long amount of time together to truly get to know him.  So after you read this.  You need to go and see him and stay with him for a while and hang out.  Let me share things and memories of his life and our parents lives when I was not even born yet.  You also need to call him.  I know he didn’t want to depress you with his condition and burden your mind with what he is going through.  You just need to call him and make the most of the days you have together till Cancer takes him from the family.  This will haunt you if you don’t.  It’s haunted me.  He died at 36 years old and I’m writing this when I’m in my mid 40’s and it’s just not right.

Appreciate everyone and be thankful for all the opportunities when your in the presence of them.  You never know what tomorrow brings and if you will have a chance to speak with them and see them again.


Before I let you go and live life your way and hopefully with some guidance from your older self.  Let me do some more bullet points of some things off the top of my head:

– Don’t focus on what the Wilson’s across the street are doing with their lives.  People around you will seem like they have it all together.  You have no idea what is happening behind closed doors.  Just because they drive a BMW does not mean they own the car.  They just own the bumper and you can own the bumper too and make payments.  Don’t be focused on what others have.  Just be grateful for what you have… no matter how little or small.

– Learn to be a “Plan B” person.  So when Plan A doesn’t happen don’t let it bother you and you get worked up in negative energy.  Just use that time to focus on “Plan B” and do something else and don’t waste the day spinning your wheels and bent out of shape about how “Plan A” didn’t happen or work out they way it was supposed to.

– Forgive people who make valid apologies.  Really forgive them.  It will help both of you.

– Eating is wonderful, delicious, joyous, experimental, strengthening, nourishing and sociable.

– Write love letters.

– Listen to people who are sad, and really hear them.  Make an effort to understand them and empathize with the way they are feeling.  Help them in ways you would like to be helped.

– If you love someone, tell them.  You might not get another opportunity, and you should never let yourself live with a “what if”.

– Travel whenever you can.  It is important, exciting, invaluable and liberating to explore the world and cultures.

– Live life for yourself.  Learn to say “yes” and learn to say “no”.

– Discover new and great music.  Not all music is just on the 3 radio stations you flip through.  Get an ipod and create playlists of music that helps you with moods and helps you with motivation, thought and reflection.

– Document life to leave a legacy of moments when your not on this earth anymore.  Your Brother will pass away of Cancer and when you look back you will notice you don’t really have video or too many pictures.  As technology develops it will allow you to capture sound and video and you can cherish the sound and movement of the people you love.

– Take pictures of yourself even if you don’t like how you look or you think in your head that you will take more pictures when you loose weight and look better.  You never know when a Bus might take you out on the street so you need to have pictures that others can see you.  It’s great to take 1,000 pictures of your kids but if you don’t have any pictures with you and your kids in the same picture they won’t have any of you in the future.

– Be interested in other peoples lives and that will be worth more than tying to make people interested in yours.

– Try and fall in love with someones naked soul before their naked body.

– A fast nickle is better than a slow dime.  (always loved that saying)

– Find gratitude in small everyday things.  I have been at the lowest point of my life and somehow I was happy.  I had nothing.  Bitterly nothing.  I would love to explain what I was going through but if it happens to you… then just embrace it and see the positive inside the “not so great” stuff your battling through and going through.

– Dress up warm and play in the snow.  Try and embrace the cold of the winter.

– You don’t need a reason to help people.  You don’t have to know them also.

– Start drinking red wine now so you can understand how good it tastes.

– Drive different roads to get places and look out the window more as you pass the countryside.  It’s also ok to turn the car around when you pass something interesting instead of saying in your mind that you passed it and you can’t turn around now.  It will take you 47 seconds to turn around.

– Stopping a car when your driving somewhere to make love in the back seat is underrated.  Daytime or nighttime.

– The happiness of life depends on the quality of your thoughts.  Dream + plan while reflecting.


I know I’m trying to say everything in the world to you.  Just do things that makes you happy.  If you try and live a good life and be a good person you will genuinely make the people around you happy.  There will always be bumps in the road.  Without them and having all the roads straight with short cuts will not make you appreciate the twists and turns in the journey.

I love the saying “Live Forever And Die In The Attempt”.  You need to do this and be true and happy.  Apologize if you make mistakes and be a good person to yourself, the people you care about and love and never stop laughing and exploring.

Maybe 20 years from now I will write to you again and help you out for the last part of your life.

Enjoy life!


A Little Update | It’s A Little Overdue

Sunday, February 28th, 2016


Hello! My name is Dan. This is my little blog that I use to document things, thoughts, photos and videos. Sort of like a bookmarking parking spot. This little part of the blog is a little current update on things.

My last little update was back in August of 2015 and before that was a little update in May 2015

Usually in the link under “pages” there is a little welcome message every quarter or when the season’s change.  I have not had my laptop working and as of today… I’m using a friends computer to get back in the swing of things.


Spring is upon us soon… and that means warmth, tents, blue jays and hoops…


Can’t wait to hit a couple of games this year, and also renew the Canada’s Wonderland passes for this summer.  The kids and myself has a blast last year at the park.

new collage3


Work is good.  Moved to nights to help balance life and get some things done.  I’m working 11pm to 7am and I’m usually sleeping during the day and I have my evenings off.   It’s quiet at night and just a handful of people.  It gives me a chance to sort out some things in my life at work in quiet periods using Evernote.  My mind wanders and I need to update the little DYI desktop craft project with some new pictures to help me focus.

new collage

I’m also planning a trip with the kids and I think I have Lisbon, Portugal set on a place to travel to.  I want to make use of my travel benefits at work.  I think the kids would enjoy it and they have passports.  No idea if “the mom” will allow it.  The mountains of British Columbia is my second choice and I think it would be a good little city to have fun in and also the awesome mountains.  I have a week off in July and August.  I know I want to spend some time camping with them like last year.  We had a blast.

new collage1


Always looking for new music and I’m working on dropping some new mixtapes shortly on the blog.  They have been in the works for a while.  I’ve also found some new artists through the help of iTunes and Tumblr and recommendations from some peeps at work.


Enjoying Casey and how he documents life and his outlook on things.  I’ve started to follow a couple of other Vloggers and picking up ideas and style on recording.  I’m looking at shooting more and dropping some little films shortly.  I miss recording and sharing.



Everyone needs that someone that they just want to devour…

for collage-002

I can’t lie.  I miss.  I miss having someone to kiss.  It keeps me alive and daydreaming of someone is sweet.  I want to feel good about myself so the hitting the gym is a must.  My motivation for the gym is being healthy, my mind and I want to be attractive.  Little Miss Sweetness is the person in my mind and she is fun to think about.  Hopefully… I can kiss her soon.

Time to get things going on the 101 list and knock off some stuff.  You can view it here: 101 List


One of the things is a tattoo and that is first on the list.  I’ve been playing around with ideas and writing them on myself to get my head into the idea.  Enough is Enough in my life for a couple of reasons so that is where I’m going to start.

new collage2

When in doubt… just Ben Howard and everything will be fine 😉


Thanks for hitting the blog! I promise to update it more going forward with music, food, ideas, things completed from the 101 list and some general updates with things I want to bookmark.

Cheers! Dan

Nova Scotia | The Return Of The OSE Video

Friday, October 30th, 2015


After a break of 3 months… I’m going to start recording my little OSE video project again starting Nov 1st.  I’ve been upset at my ex wife and I’ve made a little short doc about her and where things stand.  I’m upset that she has blocked me from contacting the kids.  In the Summer after our sweet week away camping… I had a week planned to fly the kids down to Nova Scotia.  For some reason after returning the kids camping the contact back from Karen stopped.  She refused to let me speak with the kids on the phone and refused them to contact me.  I’ve tried and tried to contact them.  Since I could not make plans to take the kids down east and buy plane tickets… I was forced to move my vacation which is now scheduled next week when the kids are in school.  (sucks)


Starting tomorrow… I’ll start recording a little bit of video everyday.  Flying down to Nova Scotia and hopefully when I get back I’m allowed to see and talk to the kids so I can give Chantal her new phone.

1-a october tumblr-003

November video will feature a track from Novo Amor which will be sweet.

Long Days

Monday, October 5th, 2015


Long days right now.  Just trying to get ahead.  Today I’m working 8am to 10:30pm and it’s like that for the next 9 or 10 days.  I just made myself two coffees to bring to my desk.  I should have my laptop hooked up soon so I can get back to working on the Tiny House Blog and get that going again and start working on my new 101 list.

Enjoy the day and the week ahead!

Keep Your Head Up + Your Heart Strong

Friday, August 14th, 2015


Hello!  My name is Dan.  This is my little blog that I use to document things, thoughts, photos and videos.  Sort of like a bookmarking parking spot.  This little part of the blog is a little current update on things.

My last little update was back in May.  Usually in the link under “pages” there is a little welcome message every quarter or when the season’s change.  It’s approaching the middle of August and the Fall will be here soon upon us.

Many things up in the air as I write this.  Let’s see down the road what the next update brings.

A little Ben Howard song above that I love.  I was on vimeo uploading a video and I noticed in my stats that my One Second Everyday video from Feb 2015 was played 8 times on August 8th.  That’s a little weird.  So I watched to see what was on it.  While watching it many sweet memories came back about the Ben Howard Concert with LMS and hanging downtown with the kids.  Massey Hall is a sweet historical venue and excellent for a concert.  A little snap of the venue is below.  Such a great concert.

1-IMG_4251Watching some of the older videos is actually kind of neat to go back in time.  Before camping with the kids in late July we all sat and watched them all back to back.  The kids enjoyed watching the goofy things that we did and it allowed them to ask me things in the videos and some of the back stories behind some of the footage.



This is exactly where I am today.  Casey sums it up perfectly in a vlog a while back.  In life you you have many hills and valleys to climb.  When you coast it gives you comfort  and that represents “decline” for the most part.  When you have hard challenges in front of you…. you have to “fight” to get up the hills and if you are constantly fighting you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and you are moving forward and bettering yourself.  I’m on the verge of a good fight ahead of me in many aspects.  That does not mean that is negative.  It’s mostly a challenge really when you look at it.  The only negative thing now is how my ex treats me and how she plays the kids to “stick” me.



Work is good for the most part.  It’s a job and you can work as many hours as you can handle which for some people… that don’t have that option.  I’ve started to price out flights now and that is pretty cool to fly for almost nothing.  Makes me want to escape for little 3 day trips.  They are also testing out working from home for some employees and connected to work through the internet.  This is sort of appealing since I could work from anywhere.  Hopefully the can roll it out to more people outside the pilot group and it gets opened up to other people who might want to keep working and move to the GTA.


Music right now is extremely frustrating since my iTunes on my laptop is corrupt and therefore I can’t add any music to it from my library and the music on my iPod is really sappy and I wish I could change it up.  I’m hoping to get this fixed soon.  I’ve downloaded the some music streaming apps so I’m covered when I’m on wifi.


I don’t have anyone in my life right now but the door is open.  I miss many things about sharing time + moments with a woman.  Always moving forward and open to new relationships with people that could develop further or into a great new friend.


The Jays are rolling and so is this summer.  I have worked a ton of hours and I miss playing hoops with the boys.  I also miss having a drink and getting out and doing more.  I’m basically working, sleeping or hanging out with the kids.


Wonderland this summer has been so much fun.  You can see it in the One Second Everyday Videos.  We also went camping at Silent Lake Provincial Park and that was a blast.  You can see that on my July OSE video.


Which leads into my frustration.  I have not been allowed to speak to my kids since I dropped them home from camping.  I think I’m going to do a blog post and outline what is the status about my ex at the moment and how she controls the kids and uses that to stick it to me.  I rather get it out there and off my chest.  There is a blog post that goes over the details and you can email me for the password and the link to it.


Therefore, hopefully the next update will have more updates.  Maybe a new place to live, getting a new car, maybe a new job and a fresh start if I move to the GTA.  I plan the next update will be more positive with more things being competed.  Like starting off my new 101 List with some momentum.

Thanks for hitting the blog!  Cheers!  Dan