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Dad Films His Daughter Every Single Week For 14 Years | The Result Is Breathtaking.

Monday, February 15th, 2016

tumblr_n4xbez8nZS1t8bmq4o1_500An incredible 14 years in the making, this viral video shows Lotte Hofmeester grow from a baby to a beautiful teen in a mere 4 minutes and five seconds.

Lotte’s father, Frans Hofmeester, started taking video of his daughter as soon as she was born on October 28, 1999. “She was changing at such a rapid pace, that I felt the need to document the way she looked, to keep my memories intact,” he writes on his website.

The result of his perseverence is this gorgeous tribute to the first 14 years of his daughter’s life, and a heartbreaking expression of the common experience of all parents who watch their children grow from infants into adults right before their eyes.

Honest Answers | All Volumes

Friday, January 1st, 2016


A couple of weeks ago… the kids and I grabbed some paper and a pen and we each thought of 7 questions each and we would sit in front of a video recorder and say the answers.  Some of the answers can’t be shared.  Some of them we will…

Honest Answers Part One from Makeit Count on Vimeo.


Below is round two.  We gathered 10 questions from each person and we sat down and answered all 30 of them.  I left out some questions since I appreciated their honesty.

Round Three is below and filmed in Toronto at Honest Ed’s on Bloor.

In Progress: List3 | #8 of 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days | Legacy Project | Hidden Blog | Videos + Pictures + Words

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015


For a while now there is a secret blog inside this blog that you can’t see.  One of my things on my new 101 Things to do in 1001 days is to finish the damn thing.  Also on that list is to sort all the photos and raw video I have on my computer.

When I was down east visiting my Dad… I took some images of some pictures that he had for the secret blog.

I think I did a post about it before.  It’s basically a “legacy project” that it covers my entire life and before I was alive.  Some family tree stuff.  I’ve even figured out a way for this blog to last a long time online if I get hit by a bus by figuring out a clever way for the bill to get paid for it.

This new blog will cover the following segments:

  • before I was born
  • the bebe (me growing up)
  • the high school years
  • with Karen before being married
  • married life
  • single life after Karen

Noah Getting Ready For Bed Part I from Dan Deveau on Vimeo.

It will feature the little video I have and the pictures put into blog posts since the kids don’t really know what life was like before they were born.  Chantal does not really know what her life was really like before the age of five.

See I could never understand that.  But in today’s world it makes sense.  Parents capture with phones and photos stay inside them and go into computers and never really get seen.  It our days there was albums to look through.  There was our parents going to Black Photo and Costco and getting 4×6’s of every shot taken.  We stole the ones we wanted of us.  We looked at them and visualized what we did and remembered moments.  Our kids don’t see half the images we take.

I want my kids to have something they can snoop and read and watch so they will know about the history of things since it will go back before they were born.  I’m going to try and get old grade school friends to record audio stories to include and also try and get audio stories from family members that I can upload into soundcloud.

For me… it’s a winter project.  I get sentimental around the holidays and it a way to keep busy since I’m being sheltered from the kids.  It helps me look back on memories and I like to document things.

I will make it live when I have it almost finished and I can decide on the layout and how to best present it.

Noah Getting Ready For Bed Part II from Dan Deveau on Vimeo.

Daily Vlog | Casey Neistat | Inspiration for Chantal & Graeme

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015


Casey just turned 34 and for the next little while… he is going to do a post everyday with video.  I like his POV style of storytelling.  Chantal is starting to make little movies so this is some ideas for her.  Here is the first five that features his little getaway to warm weather with the fam.

That was 209 days ago.  Below is his first couple of Vlogs and right now is Oct 21st, 2015 and he is on 210 days of making a movie every day.  I find him interesting and every couple of days… I catch up on the 5 to 8 min Vlogs and see what he is up to.  He is a super busy dude that is always filming and I don’t know how he puts out one every day.  Crazy.

Nov 1st… I’ll start making my OSE videos everyday again.  😉

Some of his vlogs or older material that he has made is below:

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Casey is a good dude. The man is doing daily Vlogs and over 40 in a row. This one made me smile. He is a good dude and I love that he is trying to pull off a video everyday. Catch him on YouTube here. Here he is being a good man to his wife.


As you know… I’m a fan of Casey and how he documents things using very simple methods and some neat little DYI tricks with simple things. You can hit the link on the left and see other posts of Casey and also a couple stories of him and Candice. I think the image from above is when they broke up and she agreed to meet him for coffee in NYC and this is him pulling up on his bike filming it. You can see him in the window to the right. I honestly shoot so much video now because of him.

Here is the latest…


Casey is a special cat. Loves adventure and documenting life. Loves sharing.

My mind is still turning about a tattoo + ideas of what and where.

Enjoy the day!

Daydreaming At Work | DYI Project | Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015


At work… I’ve made a little double-sided 5 panel project that consists of 5×7’s with little pictures taken from my ipod, camera and tumblr.  Just a random collection of images that make me happy and something to look down under my monitor if I want to drift away.

It’s little pictures that help me remember a moment or a future moment that has not happened yet.


I’m going to make new panels that fold over so it will evolve as new memories are made.  I don’t care if I offend anybody since they are small and it’s mine.  My mind is made up of many little thoughts and wishes.  Things I want to do and do things with people in my life.


Yes this is on my desk.  There is 10 panels in total so every couple of days… I flip it around so I see the back.



This is five of the ten panels and your not going to see the other five.  I find it interesting after a while at which pictures my eyes wander too…


One Second Everyday | The Videos Already Released | May 2014 to Present |

Sunday, December 7th, 2014




I enjoy doing this project and would like to do this the rest of my life to document it.  I basically shoot a little bit of video everyday and I just use iMovie on my iPod to edit it up and release it every month.  My son really enjoys the project and my daughter now wants to make a “One Second Everyday” project also.  I enjoy making them.  I would assume that they are pretty boring to watch.  I enjoy them for the basic fact that I like to document life in many different ways and it’s also kind of neat to review them and reflect on the moments that are positive and not so fun to go through and all the little boring moments in between.

** CLICK HERE – For individual videos **

Autoplay:  The YouTube preview below will play them all in a row from the beginning or you can click this link to see the breakdown of all the videos inside the project:



You can view my OSE videos broken down by Year:

2016, 2015, 2014 + the Don’t Tell Mom Series which has some of the first videos I started making in 2012 after separating from my wife that I shot on my first generation iPod Touch and edited with the crappy Windows Movie Maker that was free on my computer.  You will also find some separate little films that were not in my OSE videos.  Anything made after 2014 was shot on my iPod Touch and edited on the powerful iMovie app on my iPod Touch.