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Nike HyperFuse Supreme | Orange | 2012 | Coming Back Out

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

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Bought these in 2012 and played a whack outside back then and have not worn them since.  I put them away for the future.  I’m going to start wearing them again on the courts and at the gym.  Love how light they are.  Picked up size 14 for these ones.

Going to really step up my “hoops” game and get ready for the summer outdoor season.

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Nike ACG Aqua Sock | I’ve Owned These For Twenty Seven Years!

Monday, August 22nd, 2016


EST. 1989

Designed by Geoff Hollister, the Aqua Sock was about as simple as a shoe could get – a slip-on sock with a thin rubber outsole. That was it.  They were meant for water sports (no, not that kind, perv) but also were an early vanguard of the minimalist movement.

My goodness… almost 30 years.  This summer marks the twenty seventh year with these exact shoes!  I’ve worn them on my 16km hike at Silent Lake with no issues.  I’ve worn them when I decided to ride my mountain bike from Peterborough to Ajax.   They came with me to Nova Scotia and had a dip in the Atlantic Ocean this past summer shown above.

I’ve even played basketball in them.

They were bought to be slippers around the house.  They are ugly and I love them.



My daughter laughs at me and makes fun of them.  I think she is jealous.

They are the perfect camping shoe.  I promise they will make it to 30 years!

Nashty | Want | This Payday It’s Mine | HBD

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015


Sweet Baby Playoffs | Celebrate Steve Nash and get yours here.  Throwback… you must know what happened to understand the T

New Kicks | Casual | Indoor Slippers

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

1-ipod temp import mar 11 20152

snagged a pair of cushe shoes that is perfect acting as inside/out slippers.  i’ve snuck them outside and i have them at work now that i use for slippers.  they are so light and they are perfect for inside.  i have to keep telling myself to leave them for the inside.

great little slip on kicks

Shoe Porn | Flyknit Trainer

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014


An all-terrain vehicle if ever there was one, the Nike Flyknit Trainer Chukka FSB Sage.

 Nike-Flyknit-Trainer-Chukka-FSB-Sage-Sage-4 Nike-Flyknit-Trainer-Chukka-FSB-Sage-Sage-2

The shoe’s solid-olive upper offers a classic fashion aesthetic, but the tech specs are pure function through and through. The upper’s Flyknit construction and Flywire reinforcement deliver a light, yet breathable fit, while wool integrated in the knit and a water-repellent finish make this the perfect winter shoe — all the more so thanks to the any-surface traction of the Special Field Boot sole unit.

The Flyknit technology is pretty cool and it’s wild with what they are starting to do with the design of the shoes coming on the market.

Nike-Flyknit-Trainer-Chukka-FSB-Sage-Sage-6 Nike-Flyknit-Trainer-Chukka-FSB-Sage-Sage-3

Explore | Travel | Pilot & Captain | Sweetness

Monday, November 10th, 2014

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Now that I know many of the city codes and airport codes around the world.  I’m more in love with these shirts from Pilot and Captain than ever before.   They started out with T-Shirts are are slowly offering more things.  They are also expanding on which cities they offer and you can go on the website and vote for new cities added.   The Heads Of State are the ones behind this project.

I think in December this will be a little Christmas present for myself.  I’m just not sure which city I would like to own first.  There are more on the website… so check them out.  They also offer some cool prints.