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Trip To Nova Scotia | July 2016

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016


Such a fun trip to take the kids down to Nova Scotia for a week and visit with family and explore a bit of the South Shore.  Created a little video made up of little quick video clips shot with my cracked iPod and brought into iMovie to make a little keepsake of the trip.  I will add some more images into this blog post shortly.

Thug Life | The Series

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

tumblr new2

Just for fun with the kids we watched some Thug Life Meme’s and also some vines and we thought we would play around with the iPod and make some little Thug Life’s with each one of us sharing the role as the Thug.

You can find them on YouTube here.  It helps us goof around and gives me something to do with editing them up.  They are pretty lame.  You can click the video below and cycle through them by hitting the “next” arrow.

If I Give You A Quarter – Can I Take Your Picture?

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Going through some older pictures on the computer… and wanted to post a couple…

I used to ask Chantal if I could pay her a quarter for each image I snap.  She said yes… so this is some of the shots I had to pay her to have a normal face without crazy faces.  So funny.  Oh well…

Update: We walked by the door in BCE Place and Chantal remembered the picture and she wanted to stand again so I can snap a picture with my phone.



Tuesday, March 15th, 2016


I love her so much!  I can’t believe she was so small and she has grown into such a sweet and beautiful little woman

Best Of 001

Best Of 033





She is my little nut.  She is my mini-me.  I love looking at old pictures and video and watching her get older.  I love her vibrance, dedication, drive, goals, values, kindness and how she views the world and treats the people around her.

I miss her.

I love her.

Happy Birthday to a sweet little woman who I adore.


1-Chantal Apartment 2013-002

Honest Answers | All Volumes

Friday, January 1st, 2016


A couple of weeks ago… the kids and I grabbed some paper and a pen and we each thought of 7 questions each and we would sit in front of a video recorder and say the answers.  Some of the answers can’t be shared.  Some of them we will…

Honest Answers Part One from Makeit Count on Vimeo.


Below is round two.  We gathered 10 questions from each person and we sat down and answered all 30 of them.  I left out some questions since I appreciated their honesty.

Round Three is below and filmed in Toronto at Honest Ed’s on Bloor.

Canada’s Wonderland Season Passes | Good Investment This Year

Thursday, October 15th, 2015


This year we split passes to Wonderland with the kids which was a first.  So that allowed us to go when we want and spend the long summer days at the park.


1-1-IMG_5956We have gone a couple of times and we have tried new rides.  It took a couple of times for them to try the big coasters.  We have put the “Ghoster Coaster” to rest in it’s body shaking old wooden sticks kind of way.


We still like the Mindbuster and it’s fun to have 3 times in row on it when the line-ups have been light.  I think Chantal was ready for trying the Behemoth, but she would chicken out and say later in the day we would do it.  Noah was scared but if Chantal did it… he might.  We finally went on it and Noah sat out.  After that.  Noah went on it with this eyes closed.

Opening of the July OSE video is Noah going on both large Coasters for the first time:

OSE Everyday Video Number 16 | July 2015 from Makeit Count on Vimeo.

So funny since this face and lips are bouncing in the padding as he holds on for dear life in the start of the video above but near the end… he starts to put his arms up.    Another video opened up with a trip to Wonderland


Then Chantal and I hit the Leviathan and after going on it… realized the Behemoth is much better since it has more hills that makes your tummy go.  Noah passed on it but he tried it out the next time at the park.


Some of the rides I’ve never been on and we did together was the Backlot Stunt Coaster, Drop Tower (w/Chantal), Sledge Hammer which is really our “warm up” ride.  We also hit Time Warp which hurt my feet trying to keep my flip-flops on.  We tackled the Guardian and also Windseeker this year.


Noah also hit the Dragon Fire for the first time and I was his age when I went on it for the first time.  So having him go on some of the bigger rides impresses me.   Noah as tackled Night Mares with me and Chantal is not a fan of the spinning.  I bug them to go on the Orbiter all the time.  I’m sure Noah will do that with me.  I want to tackle the Pysclone & Shockwave but they are not there yet.



We have had a blast going to Wonderland this year and hitting Hero Burger for a break for lunch.  We also hit the Water Park where I have not really been on any of the rides inside there.



My daughter always take my phone when I leave it alone and she snaps as many pictures as she can till I figure it out.  I usually have to delete 50 of her making faces.  This is me playing with the fancy machine and making some cherry coke creation.


Above is a snap of my high score of the day 11 points.  $5.00 gives you a chance to drain a max of 12 balls in 40 seconds.  9 balls are 1 point each and 3 money balls are 2 points each.  You need 10 points to get the big ass prize.  7 points gets you a rubber ball.  I hit 9 out of 12 shots to win and the hard part is that I needed to win another big prize for the other kid.  In the process… we walked away with some smaller prizes and we walked around and gave some away to some young kids.  Can’t wait to go back and clean house and win another big ass prize.  Young Buck asked me who my fave player was and I said Larry.  He asked me what my name was and I said Larry.

Love shooting with crowds and you hear “that dad in flip flops can shoot” 😉

It’s really hard.  You don’t get any warm up’s and if you start to miss you feel like a dufus since everyone is watching you.  But when you lick 4 in row it feels so good.

My daughter loved walking around with the loot with people looking at her.


Another video opened up with a trip to Wonderland